Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Running Gifts

Out of all the fabulous gifts I recieved for Christmas, these are, by far, my favorites!

4 bottle fuel belt, gel flask for fuel belt, mega bottle of Hammer Gel in Raspberry (26 servings), 2010 running log and a renewed subscirption to Runner's World (not pictured).

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I don't mean to neglect you blog...

it's just that I have been so busy! Christmas has me shopping, baking, wrapping, etc... almost daily! That is on top of working full time and fitting in a work out. Hopefully I can get back on track next week! I onyl work Monday & Tuesday and then I am off until the 4th. I plan on running and working out everyday while I am off. I hope to get outside for a couple runs. I've been doing them on the indoor track & TM. Time to suck it up and face the winter weather. I also find out my gym is open Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and New Years day. Yay!

Anyway, weekly exercise went like this;

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 55 minutes of intervals on the AMT (4% and 16%)
Wednesday: turbo kick, P90X ab ripper
Thursday: 60 minutes of intervals on the AMY (4% and 16%)
Friday: shopping, yes that is a work out in this madness :0)
Saturday: biceps, triceps, shoulders, leg lifts on the captains chair, 4 mile run
Sunday: back, chest, legs & 3 mile run

Friday, December 11, 2009

7 miles on the TM

It looks like I just needed to vent yesterday because I went to the gym and made that treadmill my bitch. I did 7 miles while adjusting speed & incline. I did not keep track of my pace, but I do now I haad the incline up at 2% at a couple points during my work out. It felt good.

Tonight is a rest day. My left knee is sore and I need to deep clean my house tonight!

Tomorrow I will go to the gym in the morning for biceps, triceps, abs and will finish up by using nay energy I have left for a treadmill run/work out.

Sunday is back, shoulders, chest and the AMT machine.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

winter is messing with my mind!

I knew this would happen. It happens every year. The weather changes, it's bitter cold out and I lose motivation to run outside or even get my butt into the gym to run the track or treadmill! I ran about 4.5 miles last Saturday after my weight lifting routine and have not ran since! I've been working out, but not running and that worries me. Monday I kick boxed for 50 minutes, Tuesday I did 1 hours of intervals on the AMT, Wednesday I strength trained and did core/ab work. I told myself I was going to run tonight, but it's so cold out that all I can think about is going home and not leaving again! WTF!! I am so worried about losing all the endurance I built up over this year.

The one bonus that I see is that I have a jam packed schedule for 2010. I kick off my season with a cold 4 mile race in February and jump into trail half marathon training. After the trail half, I train for my first duathlon in May and have another half memorial weekend. It continues on too. Half in June, possible duathlon in July, 2 half's in August, pissibly Dances with Dirt in September and I might even try to run the Detroit marathon with a BQ time!

I just need to get through the rest of this month and Janaury...I gotta keep pushing myself to get out there and run!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

not training sucks!

I need to find a race for the month of December and for January. Without having a race in my future, I've totally slacked in running. I have not ran since the Turkey Trot. I have been doing a lot of cross training and strength training, but I really need to keep hitting the pavement...or the treadmill.

Which leads to this. We may cancel our membership at the Y and switch to Anytime Fitness. it's closer to our house (around the block!!!), open 24 hours and they have TV's on each treadmill!! Your own personal TV while running, how cool is that?! I need to call and find out what the membership fees are and when that location will be opening. I have a free 7 day pass I will use before signing up. I need to see if any of the tools from the YMCA switch to this gym and how busy it is at the times I like to go.

Anyway, my work out for this week has been pretty poor.
Monday: 45 minutes on the elliptical, intervals
Tuesday: 40 minutes on the AMT, fat burning setting
Wednesday: none

Plans for the rest of the week
Thursday: Turbo Kick, lots of ab/core work
Friday: weights for biceps & triceps, intervals on the AMT
Saturday: treadmill speed work, weights for back & shoulders
Sunday: stationary bike, leg work, abs

Sunday, November 29, 2009

2010 Tentative Race Schedule

A few friends of mine are planning on running 6 half's in 6 months. We have 4 on our schedule but need to find 2 more; 1 in June and 1 in July. And being totally cheesy, we are calling ourselves the six pack crew. lol We plan on getting shirts made that name our 'crew' name on the front and the back will list each half marathon we are running.

I had no intentions of running a full next year, but that may change. I was speaking with a friend and a VERY experienced runner and he thinks I should run Detroit again with a BQ goal time. I was only 6.25 minutes off when I ran the full in October and he said with all the training, mileage I will be putting in and half's we are running, that I could run Detroit and qualify for Boston. So I might give it a shot. we shall see.

We also put together a team for Dances with Dirt. It will consist of 2 women, 2 VERY fast men and my dad, who is also fast & has experience with DWD.

Anyway, here is what is on my schedule for 2010. Its obviously not complete.

February: winter fest 4 miler
March: ?
April: trail half
May: Bayshore half and first Duathlon
June: ?
July: ?
August: RnR Chicago half
September: Chicago Half, Dances with Dirt
October: Detroit full???
November: 10K turkey trot

I need to find a race for March. I plan on spending December & January doing lots of strength training, cross training and will run a couple times a week.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Trot 10K Results

Time: 48:45
Pace: 7:52
Division Place: 15/463
Gender Place: 118/6,389
Overall Place: 721/12,462

Not a bad day for a run. I just hope next year they can organize the start different. It was VERY slow and coming to a complete stop more than once was annoying. I know a "family" race isn't a place to try and get a PR, but that is just how I am. Always trying to beat my previous times. Well, instead of a PR, I matched my previous 10K PR to the second.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Successful 5K finish!

I PRed! I beat my previous finish time by 9 seconds for a new PR of 23:02! I really think I could have come in under 23 minutes had I not realized I ran the first mile in 6:53. That really messed with my head. I started to convince myself there is no way I could keep that pace and slowed down. I was able to pick it up at mile 2 and again when I hit mile 3. And of course, I had to pass the young guy running next to me, so I sprinted past him to the finish line.

Official Results:
7:26 pace
2nd/42 in my age group

Next up, the Turkey Trot 10K where I hope to PR again! Time to beat is 48:45.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hoping for a speedy 5K

Tomorrow morning I am running my first 5K race in over a year. The last time I ran a 5K was in September of 2008. I was the female overall winner with a finish time of 23:11. it was a smaller race, but that was my best 5K finish time! Since then I have stuck with longer distances; 10K, half marathons and a full marathon. My goal is to beat my previous time. I am not feeling to confident. If I can run at a 7:27 pace, I will beat it. I have not done much speed work, just a couple sessions this week. I also have NEVER ran a distance and not beaten my previous best time. If I do not finish with the same time or faster, I know I will be so disappointed in myself. I really need to convince myself that I got this! I can beat 23:11.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A successful treadmill work out!

Let me give you some background info. When I first started running in 2007, I started off doing short runs on the treadmill at the gym. I was actually scared to run outside. I stuck to treadmill running for months. Then I decided to sign up for my first 5K and knew I had to hit the pavement.

Once I started running outside, I realized what I was missing out on. Ever since then I refused to step foot on the treadmill. I would run outside or on the indoor track. The treadmill was, to me, the devil.

That all changed last night. I decided to switch up my work outs and do speed work on the treadmill. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it! I think the constant adjusting of the incline and speed made the work out go by quickly. I was originally going to do 3 miles, but ended up doing 6.25. At one point, I had a 7:20 pace going.

It was an awesome work out and will definitely be doing this again!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekly Exercise/Running Schedule

Monday: 30 minutes intervals on the AMT, weights for back, abs
Tuesday: run w/ fartleks
Wednesday: 30 minutes elliptical, weights for shoulders
Thursday: run w/ fartleks
Friday: rest
Saturday: 5K race, possible trip to the gym to lift for biceps & triceps
Sunday: 45 mins stationary bike, weights for back, shoulders, abs

Friday, November 13, 2009

My running shoes miss me!

My running shoes miss me. I have not been running all that much since the marathon. Last weekend I ran 4.88 miles on Saturday and didn't run again until last night; and I only ran 4 miles. I plan on going for my first long-ish run tomorrow morning; 9 miles.

I've been working out and focusing on strength training, but really need to put forth the effort to get more running in. I do not want to lose the endurance and distance that I have gained. So starting next week, I will make sure I run a minimum 3-4 times a week!

I am running a 5K on the 21st. I am really hoping to beat my previous 5K PR of 23:11. That's my goal anyway.

Monday, November 9, 2009

forgotten sports bra and chased by a dog

I headed out to our property over the weekend since the hubby was out there hunting. Saturday I mapped out a rural 4.5 mile route. I pulled out my gear Saturday morning and low and behold, I forgot my sports bra. Doh! How did I manage to forget such an important article of clothing? No worries, I'll just run in my regular bra.

I headed out and instantly felt pains in my knees. I should have NEVER listened to the hubby when he told me to bring my old shoes since it's mostly dirt roads! My old shoes have no support left in them and shoes are made to get dirty right? So why not run in my newer pair?

So now, here I am with a regular bra on and bad shoes. I run past a farm and had a horse snorting at me. He didn't like me running down his road! Then I pass another house and hear a dog barking. I kept thinking "please don't chase me". It didn't. It did run out in front of his house and bark at me though. Sweet! No worries. I turn on to the next road which is corn fields to the left and right. As near the end of the road, I see two dogs out in a yard. Then I notice the owner in the driveway, so any nervousness passed almost instantly. That is, until I run past, hear the owner yelling and look behind me to see a black dog hot on my heels! It finally stopped, turned around and ran home. What I don't get is the fact the dogs owner just stood up near her home, yelling for the dog. Ok, fine, maybe she knew the dog wouldn't do anything to me, but I didn't know that! I was a bit apprehensive for the next 2.5 miles. I still had 2 more country roads to run on. Nothing happened. Other than seeing a speedway in the middle of a corn field for sale and having a farmer on his tractor wave at me.

The route was a nice one, but next time I will take my mace just in case I get chased by a dog again! And I will also make sure to pack a sports bra!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weekly Exercise Schedule

Sunday: 4.88 mile run
Monday: 20 minutes kick boxing, 20 minutes ab work out
Tuesday: 5.5 mile run
Wednesday: gym; weights for biceps, triceps, shoulders & chest, 40 minutes elliptical or AMT
Thursday: gym; 3 mile run, weights for back
Friday: none
Saturday: 4.66 mile run

Friday, October 30, 2009

I don't have a cleaver title.

I just wanted to update my work outs for the week. I really tried to come up with a catchy title, but nothing came to mind.

Monday: 5.5 mile run
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: weights for back & shoulders, abs & 35 minutes on the AMT
Thursday: 10 minute bike warm up, lower body weights, 30 minutes of intervals on the elliptical
Friday: rest
Saturday: 9-10 mile run
Sunday: 4.5 mile run

Heading to my brother in-law and sister in-law's house for Halloween and my twin niece & nephews christening. I am looking forward to running this weekend. I love the town they live in and the Illinois Prairie Path is such a great spot for runners, bikers, dog walkers, etc...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Post Marathon: Week 1 complete

It has been one week since the marathon and feel that I am recovering nicely. :0)

Monday & Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 30 minutes stationary bike, weights for biceps & triceps
Thursday: easy 2.5 mile run
Friday: rest
Saturday: easy 3 mile run, weights for back, shoulders, chest, ab work
Sunday: 10 minute bike warm up, weights for biceps & triceps

Tonight will be the first time I have run outside since the marathon. I have mapped out a 5.5 mile route which I intend to do at a moderate pace. I have the following tentative work out schedule for the remainder of the week;

Tuesday: 4 mile run
Wednesday: 10 minute bike warm up, weights; biceps, triceps, back & shoulders
Thursday: 5-6 mile run
Friday: rest
Saturday: 7-8 mile run
Sunday: rest

Friday, October 23, 2009

First run since the marathon

I ran 2.5 miles on the indoor track last night at the gym. I made sure to go at a slow and easy pace, but for some reason, whenever someone is in front of me I speed up to pass them. This must stop. It's not a race. lol My shins were still slightly sore and my legs ached last night. They feel great this morning though. I won't be running, or doing any form of cardio, tonight.

I do intend on running an easy 3 miles tomorrow along with lifting weights.

I talked to one of the regulars at the gym. I have spoken with him before. he lives in my neighborhood and sees me running often. He also has done local duathlons that my dad has done as well. So I have run into him at those events too. Anyway, he saw me during the marathon on Sunday. it was at about mile 19. He said I looked like I was having trouble with my leg. He also said how impressed he was with my pace. When he saw me, we were ahead of the 3:45 pace group. I told him my finish time, talked about upcoming races, etc... as we walked a few laps on the track.

This, again, proves my theroy on how all runners have that certain connection. You can talk as if you have been friends or have known each other for so long. I like that.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Professional Marathon Photos!!

If you would like to see the professional photos taken at the Detroit Marathon, please go to the below web site. Choose Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon & Half Marathon from the drop down and enter bib# 6984! Also enter in my dads bib# 928. Since we ran together, we are in all pictures together!!

I am at a loss...

It is 4 days after running my first marathon and I am already lost. I am so used to having my training consume the last 18 weeks of my life. I know I need to recover and not jump back into running. But man, it's a big adjustment!

I am already looking into races for November and December. I found two; 5K on November 21st and 10K on Novmeber 26th. My goal for the 5K is to beat my previous PR (23:11) and hopefully win my age group. As for the 10K, I just want to PR. It's the Detroit Turkey Trot and thousands sign up. It would be impossible for me to even place in my age group.

I went to the gym last night. I biked for 30 minutes and lifted for biceps & triceps. Tonight I am going to give it a shot at running. Of course, it will be a very slow and easy 2-3 miles. I need to make sure I recover fully without pushing myself too hard, too fast.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Official Results!

Stephanie Kapanowski #6984
Southgate, MI
Age: 30
Gender: F
Chip Time 3:46:25
Pace- 8:39
Overall Place: 955 / 3798
Gender Place: 183 / 1330
Division Place: 35 / 220

6.2 Mile- 51:45
Half- 1:48:49
12.2 Mile-1:40:48
21.8 Mile- 3:04:09
Underwater Mile- 8:21

Monday, October 19, 2009


Dad and I closing in on the finish line!

Marathon Tragedy

Please say a prayer for the families of the 3 that passed away on Sunday at the Detroit Marathon. it's extremely sad and can not imagine what those families are going through.

I did it!

I did it! I am officially a marathoner!! I am still on that runners high. I could cry just sitting here thinking about what I have accomplished. It was/is such a rush of emotions!

Yesterday started out bright and early. I set the alarm for 4:50am. My dad was picking me and Bethany, my sister in-law, up at 5:30am. I got dressed and ate my 2 slices of whole wheat toast with peanut butter. My dad, Bethany and I headed out the door at 5:30am. We were parked and ready to walk over to Scotty's Potties (lol, the port-a-johns) to drain our bladders before we started the race. I had brought with me 2 throw away tops; one for my dad and one for me. We also had a throw away blanket around us as we stood in a door way to stay warm. It was about 32 degrees out. The start was at 7:15am. The hand cyclists and wheel chair marathoners were first to start. The next wave was the A & B group. My dad and I were in the D group and Bethany was in the G group (she was running her first half marathon). We started out kind of fast and fell into our pace. We made our way to the Ambassador Bridge, had an easy run up and a faster run down. The stretch along the Detroit River in Windsor was nice. Lots of supporters from Canada and the relay teams waiting for their teammate to pass along the chip.

When we entered the tunnel, we removed our gloves and unzipped our tops. it was a chance to warm up and dry off. We had an underwater pace of 8:21. Just before mile 8 we crossed back into the US from out of the tunnel and there was a sea of people lined up and down Jefferson. It definitely got you going again!

We were trucking along. Passed the 3:55 pace group, and were with the 3:45 pace group. Ended up passing the 3:45 pace group somewhere between mile 10-12. It was really cool when the half marathon and marathon split off. My dad turned to me and said "no turning back now". We were now on the marathon course. It took you through Greek town in Detroit and out into Indian Village. It was a very nice neighborhood with lots of nice homes to look at, but the crowd support was thinning out. I was happy to see Belle Ilse when we came out of the neighborhood. I was not looking forward to it, but knew that once we completed Belle Ilse, we would be well on our way to the finish line.

Here is where I took a turn for the worse. I told myself I would not hit the wall. But I did. between mile 20 and 21, I started to cry. I hurt from the waist down. My hips, my hams, my ankles, even the tips of my toes. Everything hurt. My emotions were getting the best of me. My dad told me "do not let this happen. look around, take in the sights and get your mind off the pain. we have time so slow down". After running so hard for 20 miles, I felt like we were shuffling along. We crossed back over the bridge off of Belle Ilse at mile 22. Once we were over I felt better, but was still having a hard time. I took it mile by mile at this point. We pushed on.

Then we passed mile 25. I said "we can do this" and dad said "yes we can". We turned on to Washington Street by Cobo Hall and there it was in the distance, somewhere in the crowd of supporters. The 26 mile marker. I picked up the pace, turned to my dad and said "come on". We rounded the corner at 26 mile marker and there was what we were waiting for all morning. The finish line. thousands of people lining both sides of the street. cheering us on. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. again we picked up the pace. we closed in on the finish line. my dad grabbed my hand, held it in the air and we crossed just like that! Then I looked to the right and I see a volunteer crying, waiting to put the medal around my neck. It was my mom. I hugged her and said " I just finished in 3 hours, 46 minutes and 28 seconds". I told her I would see her later. Dad and I headed to get our 'space blanket', grab our goodie bag and get our picture taken. We had it taken together. Dad told me I should get one by myself, but I didn't want to. We did this together. We were a team and there is no I in team.

Come to find out, we finished 3 seconds fast then we thought. Our official time is 3:46:25. Only 3:11 slower then my dads 2006 finish time. We were actually on pace through most of the marathon to beat he previous time. But we gave it all we had. There is no way either one of us could have run harder then we did. My dad also told that around mile 16 he was hurting pretty bad, but saw that I was pushing along and instead of slwoing down, he pushed on to. he said I carried him for part of the race. That is something I would have never thought I would do! He was there to carry me. We carried each other.

I ended up finishing in 36th place out of 216 females in the 30-34 year old age group.

We had no problem finding Bethany, Chris and Tom (my father in-law) afterwards either. Bethany finished her first half marathon without any training in 2:25 and some odd seconds. Not bad!

All in all, I believe my marathon training was a success! I had 3 goals; finish strong, finish faster then 4:19 and break 4 hours. I never imagined that I would finish with the time I had though. I met all my goals! It's such an accomplishment and truly am proud of myself.

Look out 2010 or 2011. You might see me running another marathon.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Marathon Gear

Here is what I will have on me during the marathon tomorrow! Except I forgot to put my shoes in the picture. Oh well. They will for sure be on me too. :-)

blue l/s mock neck zip up
white s/s compression top
white sports bra
smartwool socks
under armor tights
pink under armor headband
purple ironman triathlon watch
2 bottle fuel belt
3 hammer gels
2 hammer heeds
1 cliff shot

Expo Review

Back from the expo. We did a test run on where we plan to park and found a structure 2 blocks from the start/finish line!! My dad will be picking me up at 5:30am so we should be parked by 6.
I also opted to wear the under armor tights versus my capris. It's going to be 32 and I am worried about my calf muscles being cold & tight. I hope I am making the right decision.
I met Hal Higdon. He had a booth selling and signing his new book. I told him I used his training for my half marathons and my marathon. Sadly, he wasn't all that friendly. :-( I took a couple pictures of him but was scared to ask him to pose for a picture with me.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from my camera phone. The rest are on my dads digital. Chris has our cameras at our property and won't be home until late tonight. The only disappointment I have about the expo is that Whole Foods was not there passing out all the free samples like last year. lol

2009 Detroit Free Press Marathon Women's shirt

The stuff I got at the expo; marathon shirt, s/s new balance 26.2 shirt, 26.2 sticker, camelback water bottle, myoplex protein shake, brown rice, Adidas head band, Gu chomps, KT Tape, Udderly Smooth sample, granola and Marathon Mission group flashing light.

Weather for Sunday - October 18, 2009

Estimated Start time 7:15-7:30am
Sunrise at 7:49am
clear 32 degrees, winds NNW 6mph

Estimated Finish time 11:30am (depending on actual start time)
Sunny 44 degrees, winds N 8mph

In less than 24 hours...

I will be hitting the streets of Dertoit & Windsor Canada running my first marathon!!!

My dad and I will be heading down to the expo this morning.
What was supposed to be a fun filled, exciting weekend has taken a turn. My step mom had a mild stroke on Wednesday so our plans of celebrating after the marathon tomorrow are non-existant. I am ok with that as my dad getting home to my step mom afterwards is more important.
I am a little upset only becauase I've had these visions of my dad and I finishing, me crying, getting our pictures taken together, getting a message, finding our family and us all going out to a big lunch. I am sure this will all happen, minus the finding family and going to lunch part. Chris will be there along with my father in-law, so maybe we will just do lunch somewhere closer to home once my dad drops me off.
I can tell my dad is upset too. Not only do we have the marathon, but my birthday is Tuesday so we planned to celebrate that too.

It's ok though. He's not letting me down. In fact, he is going to be the only person that can keep me sane tomorrow!!

bring on 26.2! I'm ready to take you on!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Week 18, day 5

2 days to go! I am so excited but have a slight bit of nervousness.

I did a test run last night with a mock of what I plan to wear on Sunday. It's a go!! I plan to take a picture of all my gear prior to putting it on, but for now, heres what I will be wearing.

favorite sports bra- white
compression white s/s top- white
fitted wicking carpis- black
l/s wicking mock neck zip up- baby blue
under armor ear warmer/headband- light pink
fitness gear running gloves- black
smartwool running socks
Brooks adrenaline GTS
fuel belt 2 bottle belt

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Week 18- mid week update

It's Wednesday, I'm tapering and do not have much to update! But I felt the need to write something.

4 days until the marathon and the excitement is setting in!!

Monday I road the stationary bike for 50 minutes. I came home and made sure to apply ice & heat to my hip flexor. Last night I ran 3.1 miles. I did not ice & heat my hip flexor so I must make that a priority tonight! I would hate to have any issues with it come Sunday.

I plan on taking a ton of pictures at the expo being that this is my first marathon. I also told Chris that he HAS to take a bunch of pictures on Sunday. I've been horrible about adding pictures to my blog and want to make sure that I can write a full marathon review with pictures!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

1 week from today!

One week from today and I will be running my first marathon. I really can't believe I have made it and actually feel ready for this! I have a few more shorter runs to do that week and then its 2 days of resting along with expo fun and card loading.

The next weeks schedule looks like this.

Sunday: 8 miles

Monday: 3 miles, weights for back

Tuesday: 3 miles, weights for shoulders

Wednesday: 4 miles, abs

Thursday: 2 miles, biceps & triceps

Friday: rest

Saturday: rest

Sunday: MARATHON DAY!!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Shoes

Just ordered a new pair of shoes. This will give me 5 times to run in them before the marathon. I desperately needed new shoes and couldn't pass up the deal I found! had 1 pair in stock of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9's in a 9.5 2A. They run about $105 in the stores, but I paid $79.95 with free 2 day shipping and no tax!

I can't wait for my new shoes to arrive. My feet and legs will thank me!

Week 16 Complete

Week 16 is complete and into week 17. I can't believe that the marathon is in less than 2 weeks!

I ran an awesome 12+ miles on Saturday in Illinois. The prairie path was such a nice place to run. I wish I had something like that near my home. I couldn't cross train on Sunday due to prior plans, but was able to get into the gym on Monday for 45 minutes of cross training on the AMT. The rest of my training goes as follows:

Tuesday: 4 miles, weights for shoulders
Wednesday: 6 miles, push ups, core work
Thursday: 3 miles, weights for back
Friday: 15 min. bike warm up, weights for biceps & triceps, core work
Saturday: 8 mile run
Sunday: cross train

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week 15 complete!

This was my biggest week thus far and turned out to be my best week! I had great runs during the week and my 20 miler turned out to be better than I could ever imgaine! I am so proud of what I accomplished and how ready I feel.

When I first started my training, I felt like the marathon would never be here. Now it's just around the corner!

3 weeks from today I will be in the 1% of Americans that run a marathon!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Successful 20 mile run!

My dad and I signed up for a 20 mile training run that our local running store organized. I wasn't nervous but had put high expectations on myself...and I exceed them! Our goal was a 9 minute per mile pace. We ended up finishing the 20 mile run in 2:51:55, which is an 8:35 pace! I am on track to run a sub 4-hour marathon! My goal is 4 hours, but I really, really want to come in under 4 hours. If I can maintain this pace come race day, that will give me plenty of time to play with (if needed) for the rest of the 6.2 miles to the finish line.

Aside from my hip flexor, I felt great during the entire run. I knew today would play a huge part on me mentally and I am beyond happy that I had a great run. I finally feel mentally & physically prepared for the marathon.

Time to focus on taking care of my hip flexor (with plenty of stretching, icing & heating) and having a safe 3 weeks of tapering.

I am ready Detroit. Look out! :-)

Friday, September 25, 2009

14 weeks later, and now it's here; 20 miles!

Tomorrow is the big 20 mile run. I am lucky enough to have a local running shop put on a 20 mile 'training' run. It is a closed road course with GU/water/gatorade stops every 2 miles and has a time clock at the 'finish line'. I can honestly say that I am not nervous. Not today anyway. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. If all goes well, then mentally I will be ready for October 18th, if not, well I don't even want to know what will be going through my mind. So I will stay positive and KNOW that tomorrows run will go great!

Then it's on to 3 weeks of tapering. I am looking forward to this. Marathon training has been long, hard, stressful, fun, painful, but most of all, I had to stay committed. Which I think I did to the best of my ability.

My eyes are already welling up tears knowing that in 3 weeks & 2 days, I can call myself a marathoner.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I need new shoes!

And last night is when I realized it. I started to feel pains in my shins and knees that I normally do not have. I thought about when I bought my last pair of shoes and I couldn't remember! I know it was just before or just into marathon training. I really need to start being better about recording the mileage my shoes have instead of waiting for pains to appear.

So, next week I am off to the store to get my shoes. Sadly, the ones I have now have only seen one half marathon and one 10K. They are jealous of my other pairs that got to see 2 half marathons and various other races.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Week 14 complete

I have successfully completed 14 weeks of marathon training. Week 15 is going to be the toughest week yet! 40 miles of running which includes 10 miles during the week and 20 miles on Saturday.

My training schedule looks like this.

Monday: rest day, I plan on doing pilates
Tuesday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 10 miles
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: rest
Saturday: 20 miles, a local running shop puts on a training run as preparation for the marathon. They have gu, water, etc...
Sunday: bike & weights

Then I start tapering. Wow. I can't believe the marathon is almost here. I am not so sure I am ready for this.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 14, mid-week update

I totally had to reschedule all of my runs this week! Monday was a rest day but I ended up using the elliptical for 45 minutes at the gym. I was supposed to run 5 miles last night, but we got last minute tickets to the Tigers game. Which, by the way, sucked! They got killed by the worst team in the league (KC Royals). So anyway, my scheduled has been completely turned upside down!

Tonight: running 6.5 miles
Thursday: running 9.25 miles
Friday: really easy 2 miles on the track at the gym
Saturday: 14-15 miles
Sunday: really easy 2 mile run

This is the only way I can get all my mileage in for the week! I hate having to go off schedule, but things happen.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 13 Complete

I finished week 13 by running my furthest distance yet; 18 miles! I met my dad saturday morning to run 18 miles through two local parks. We finished the run in 2:40 with an 8:54 pace. I felt great from start to finish. After our run, we hopped in my aunts pool. It was freezing cold and felt wonderful on our legs.
5 more weeks to go! I am really looking forward my running my 20 miler on the 26th!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

a non-running post: our 4 year wedding anniversary!

4 years ago today, I married my best friend. Here are a few pictures of us. Enjoy!

in Kauai 2009

Detroit Tigers Opening day 2009

At a wedding 2009

At a wedding 2008

Lions Home Opener 2006

Hoe Down 2006

Aruba Honeymoon 2005

On Wrigley Field 2006

At the Superbowl 2006

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Week 12: complete

Week 12 is complete. I have to be honest, I slacked off. I was out of town for 4 days and instead of running as I should, I was with my friends relaxing in the sunshine. I know it won't set me back too much, but I really get down on myself. I've spent so much time training that slacking off this close to the marathon should not be an option.

I plan to make sure I stick to each scheduled run from here on out! No more slacking on my runs.

Week 13's training looks like this;

Tuesday: 4 miles, plus push ups & core work
Wednesday: 9 miles
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: rest
Saturday: 18 miles
Sunday: cross train & weights at the gym

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Week 12- Mid week update

Well, here I am. Smack dab in the middle of week 12. I can't believe I only have another 6 weeks to go!

Training has gone good this week. Monday I ran 4.23 miles, Tuesday I ran 8.4 miles and tonight I am running 5.15 miles. I will run 12 miles on Friday morning, 3-4 miles on Saturday and 6 miles on Sunday. Since I will be out of town at the lake, my routes will be hilly but much nicer than running in the city.

I did find out that I need to have a passport or EDL (enhanced drivers license) to pick up my packet for the marathon. Since we cross the boarder into Canada, we have to abide by the new laws. So today I am heading out to have my passport picture taken and will mail out the application. I have a passport but I never updated it after I got married. To renew the passport, the cost is $75. an EDL is $45. It only makes sense to renew the passport since it will be valid for many years. The processing is time is 4-6 weeks, so I only hope it arrives in time. I am assuming it will. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 11 complete!

Week 11 is complete. I ran my longest run ever on Saturday; 16 miles. I was really nervous the night before thinking that I would have mental issues during the run. But I surprised myself and had an awesome 16 miler! I felt great the entire time. My legs were slightly sore when I finished, but that is to be expected.

I can't believe how quickly the marathon is approaching. Only 7 weeks to go!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Week 11- mid week update

I am in the midst of week 11 and so far, so good. Only 7 more weeks to go until the marathon!

Here is my training for week 11.

Sunday: 2.69 mile run, .75 mile walk (recovery after the half marathon on Saturday)
Monday: 45 minutes on the AMT, weights for shoulders
Tuesday: 4.27 mile run
Wednesday: 4 mile run, weights for biceps & triceps
Thursday: 8 mile run
Friday: rest
Saturday: 16 mile run (longest run ever!!)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Week 10 complete and half marathon review

I finished week 10 of marathon training by running a half marathon. The course was the most difficult course I have ran. Lots and lots of hills!!! But, even with it being the hardest course I have ran, I was able to PR! My previous half PR was 1:50:20 and my new half PR is (drum roll please) 1:46:26! My goal for this race was 1:48 and I was able meet it and beat it!!

Of course my dad placed first in his age group. Which is no surprise to me, or anyone else for that matter!

After having such a great finish time, I am finally starting to feel that I will be ready come 10-18-09!

Friday, August 21, 2009

3 half marathons in less then a year.

And I am pretty proud of that!! I will be running my 3rd half marathon tomorrow morning. I also ran a half marathon in April and in October of 2008.

I am hoping I have a finish time of 1:48. I had this same goal in April, but was unable to achieve it. I PRed but still. It wasn't the time I had hoped for. So I was slightly disappointed. Let's hope I can find the strength to meet my time on this hilly course!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Week 10: mid-week update

I am half way through with week 10 of marathon training. Only 8.5 more weeks to go, and not feeling ready. This always happens after having a rough run. Which I had last night. These mid-week semi longer runs are always my down fall. I can run a strong long run on the weekend, but then run an awful 7 miles during the week. WTH? Of course, I am a better morning runner than an evening runner. I really should try to get up in the morning when I hit those loner mid-week runs.

So far the weeks training looks like this.

Sunday: rest
Monday: 3 mile run, weights for biceps & triceps
Tuesday: 7 mile run, core work
Wednesday: 4 mile run, push ups, core work
Thursday: cross train, weights for back & shoulders
Friday: rest
Saturday: Half Marathon (scheduled for 15 miles. if I can beat my previous HM PR, then I won't worry about the additional mileage. If I don't, well it's back out on the course for 2 miles)

Monday, August 17, 2009

My first black toe!

A while back my dad made a comment about how I have yet to get a black toe or lose a toe nail. Well, this morning my toe is black! Thanks for jinxing me dad!

I've ran 13 miles before and this has never happened. I ran 13.2 saturday and now I have a black toe. Does that officially make me a runner? lol

I think the toe nail is next to go...

Week 9 complete

Week 9 is complete. I finished off the week with a 13.2 mile run near my in-law's lake house. I ran is in 2:03. Not too bad considering the hills. The hills can be brutal! But it's a good work out and good for my training.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Somerset Stampede Half Marathon

I just signed up for my 3rd half marathon. It is one week from tomorrow! I figured, since I am scheduled to run 15 miles that day I may as well run the half. If I can run the course in 1:47, then I will not run the additional 2 miles as per my training schedule. If I do run slower than a 1:47 finish time, then I will head back out on the course after cross the finish line to run the additional 2 miles.

Not sure if it was a good idea to run this, but what the hell. I've been having race withdrawals so this will satisfy me for the time being!

Week 9

I can't believe in less then 10 weeks I will be running my first marathon. I do NOT feel ready!! I signed up with a goal time of 4 hours but am beginning to doubt my ability to run it in that time. I will be extremely upset if I do not meet my goal.

Anyway, my training for week 9 has gone like this; I did 50 minutes of intervals on the elliptical along with pushups and abs Monday, ran 4 miles on Tuesday and ran 7.2 miles yesterday. I will be going to the gym tonight with Chris for a 15 minute bike warm up and upper body weights. Tomorrow I have a 13 mile route mapped out for Saturday morning and an easy 3-4 miles on Sunday.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Back from Hawaii and back to my training

I had a fabulous time on the islands of Oahu and Kauai, but I am also glad to be back to my normal routine. I have over 1200 pictures to go through. Once I have time to do so, I will dedicate a post to my Hawaii trip and will include many pictures.

I was able to get some running in along with hiking and biking. But now that I am home, it's back to following my training program to a T!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 7 Day 1 and last update for 2 weeks!

This will be my last update for close to 2 weeks. I leave tomorrow morning to spend 12 days on 2 islands in Hawaii!! 5 days on Oahu and then 8 days on Kauai. I am so, so ready for this vacation. I packed all my running gear and will try to run daily. Gotta stay up with the training even if I am on vacation.

Today Hal has me resting...but I can't. I need to get in the gym one last time before leaving for vacation. Since I ran a hard 12 miles yesterday, I plan to cross train on the elliptical and lift weights for bicep & triceps muscles. I want to make sure I get a hard work out in since I am not quite sure of the quality of weights our hotel gym offers. Besides, I plan to run most of the time anyway.

Maybe if I get some time, I can get on line to post but I doubt that will be my priority! lol

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Week 6 complete!

Week 6 of my 18 week marathon training program is complete. 12 more weeks!

I had a late start this morning when heading out for my 12 mile run (which actually ended up being 11.56 miles) so it was already sunny and warm. Let's just say, I have a beautiful sports bra tan line on my back. lol Oh well, it won't be there much longer since I leave Tuesday for 12 days in Hawaii!!

I have packed all my running gear in hopes to run everyday. Even if it is only for 30 minutes, I want to stay on top of my training as much as possible. We spend 5 days in Oahu and thankfully, our hotel has a gym so I will have the ability to weight and cross train as well. Then we head to Kauai for 8 days, which we do not have access to a gym since we are staying in a house with friends. But, I will be able to run daily since A). we are staying on 10 acres of property so its in a very secluded area and B). Kauai is known for being a relaxing island full of vegetation, so I won't have to worry about making my way through tourists like I will in Oahu.

Unfortunately, my blog will be ignored during my vacation. We will have limited internet access, so I will try to report how my training has been going and how beautiful Hawaii is!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week 6 Day 6, 12 miler rescheduled!

I had to reschedule my 12 mile run from this morning to tomorrow morning. They were calling for storms with thunder and lightening. Of course, I could not go without exercising so I headed to the gym. I biked 45 minutes/16 miles, lifted for shoulders and abs.

Tomorrow I will head over to Grosse Ile to run my 12 miles. I am hoping that I feel great after the run, because I would like to get some more strength training in before I leave for vacation on Tuesday. Monday I plan on running and will not have time to spend in the gym.

Rescheduling this run has thrown my next two days off track. Oh well, it is what it is!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Week 6 Day 5- Rest Day!!

Today is a rest day and I am using it! Chris and I are going to head to the driving range this evening. He is golfing in a scramble tomorrow so he wants to hit a bucket. And I want to join him. :-) That will be somewhat of a work out I suppose.

I ran 3.5 miles last night at the track. I also lifted for chest and lower body.

I am running 12 miles tomorrow and really looking forward to it! It will be the longest distance run I have made since I ran my half marathon in April.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Week 6 Day 4

12 weeks & 3 days until the Detroit Freepress Marathon. I have this thing with counting stuff down. :-)

Anyway, I ran 6.28 miles last night in 51:07. I felt great at the end. I could have gone longer and not sure why I didn't? Oh well, it is what it is! I am running 3.5 miles at the gym on the track. I will also add weight training (chest & shoulders) and a few leg exercises.

On another note, I really need to map out a few routes for Oahu and Kaua'i. I leave on Tuesday and I must make sure I get some running in. I'd really like to run everyday while I am on vacation. I don't see why that couldn't be possible. I may have a day here and there where I don't run and I am ok with that. Just as long as I meet, or at least get close to my weekly mileage on my training schedule, then I will be happy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stepped on the scale this morning

It wasn't what I wanted to see. I lost 2 pounds. I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but I have been a consistent weight for a couple months now and to see that I lost doesn't make me happy. I am going to have to get back to monitoring my calorie in take to make sure I am eating enough through out the day. I am only into week 6 of my 18 weeks of marathon training...I can't afford to lose anymore weight!!

You are probably thinking "why is she complaining about losing 2lbs?". Well, because of the fact that I am 5'7" in already in a size zero. I have a tough time finding clothes that fit right. Plus, I worry about how I look since I have had people make comments to me like "why don't you eat a cookie". I don't think they realize that I work out and run ALL THE TIME! I am not trying to lose weight. If anything, I wouldn't mind adding a couple pounds (in specific areas, lol!).

Guess I should log back on to sparkpeople! What a PITA!

Week 6, Day 3 (and an update about yesterdays work out)

I ended up running the track at my gym last night. I had to get my mileage in but I also wanted to lift weights. I ran 3.5 miles and lifted for biceps & triceps. Running the track was quite different. I have not ran the track in months! I had a good weight lifting work out and have sore arms to prove it! I also added 60 push ups and some abs while watching my favorite show; Deadliest Catch.

Today Hal has me running 5 miles but I have a 6.28 mile route mapped out. I also intend to do core work when I get back from my run. The husband and the son are both gone, so I am taking full advantage of only having to worry about myself. That means I can eat when I want and work out as long as I want. Yay!

I've been awfully hungry today. I am going to eat an apple and a granola bar so I have some running fuel in my system. It's one thing to run on an empty stomach, it's another to be starving!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In 1 week from today....

I will be in Hawaii! We are spending 5 days in Oahu and 8 days in Kaua'i. I am so excited. I only hope I can keep up with my training. I plan to run daily.

I can't wait to go on vacation.

Day 1 & 2 of week 6

Wow, am I ever behind. So much for writing in my blog on a daily basis.

This past weekend I was in Chicago. I was able to get a nice 4 mile run in with a friend on Saturday morning. She called it the 'cultural' tour. We ran through a factory area, run down neighborhood, part of downtow and the loop.

Yesterday was a rest day, but I could not rest after the food and drinks I had over the weekend. So I headed to the gym for 45 minutes of intervals on the elliptical. I also lifted for shoulders and back.

Today is day 2 of week 6. I am scheduled to run 3 miles. I intend to run 3.5 miles and lift for biceps & triceps. I do not think it is a bad thing to add some strength training to my marathon training. There is no way I could go 18 weeks without strength training. I can barely go 1 week without lifting weights!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 5-7, Week 5

Unfortunately, I will not be doing any form of running or exercise today. But it's for a good reason. I am heading to Chicago for a bachelorette party. I think my body needs the break too after what happened last night. You can see my previous post for details.

I do intend on running tomorrow morning. I will be running with my friend Jaclyn and hope that my friend Kristy will join us. We are only doing an easy paced 4 miles, but at least we are getting back out there. I hope I feel ok on Sunday once I get home from Chicago. I will need to cross train!

I am looking forward to shopping and time with the girls!

#6984 bib number for the marathon!!

Evening long run review- Mental Break down

I thought running 10 miles last night wouldn't be so bad. Boy was I wrong. I had the worst run that I have ever had in my entire life. I don't know what exactly I did wrong either. I tried to keep a slower pace but felt ill almost from the beginning. I almost vomitted 3 times, had goose bumps and chills half way through and even got so bad that I called Chris at mile 7 to come pick me up. Thankfully he was at the grocery store and said it would be a few minutes. I started running after I got off the phone and mentally prepared myself to finish this run! I called him back and told him not to come get me. I wanted to finish. and I did. I reset my watch because I did not want to know my pace. Not after the numerous stops to walk. I NEVER stop to walk. So this was really hard for me to deal with and really showed how bad I felt. But again, I finished and this run is behind. I know this will happen again. Everyone has a bad run. But never have I ever even thought about quitting and having someone come get me. I had a mental break down. I told myself I couldn't do it and it got to me. I am so glad I found it in me to push those thought aside and finish.

Time to move on and continue with training.

I can do this. I can do this.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

first evening long run

Today I will be running 10 miles after work. I am going to be in Chicago for a bachelorette party this weekend and need to get my long run in. usually I do my long runs first thing in the morning when I feel the freshest...not today. I hope it isn't too rough on me!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 1-3 of week 5

Well, I am into week 5 of my 18 week training. Only 13 weeks and 4 days until the marathon!

Monday was a rest day, which I did not do. I ended up biking for 40 minutes and strength training for back muscles & triceps. I also did push ups and abs once I go home from the gym.

Yesterday I ran 5.73 miles with an 8.22 pace. I felt good through out the entire run. Usually my evening runs can be rough but this one was not. yay!

Tonight I am going to run 6 miles, if it is not storming. If for some reason the storms have not cleared up by the time I get home from work, I will head to the gym to run the indoor track and finish with intervals on the elliptical.

This week I have not had the "I don't think I can do this" thoughts. I am sure they will be back next week though.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 6 & 7 - Week 4

Saturday was day 6 and was supposed to be a 10 mile run. It was stroming Saturday morning so I began cleaning house and ended up not finishing until 11:30am. So I went to the gym with the hubby and spent 35 minutes on the elliptical doing intervals and strength trained my back and abs.

Sunday I woke up early and headed out for my 10 miler. I felt great through out the entire run. I could have kept going, but since I already added on an additional mile (Hal had me running 9 miles) I decided not to.

I have found that I feel so much better running in the morning versus the evening. I wish I could make myself wake up early during the week and head out for my runs before work. I really want to give it a shot, but I also enjoy my sleep. I'm torn. I am going to try to set my alarm to run one morning this week. Wish me luck.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 5 Week 4

Rest day. And that is what I intend to do! The closest thing to exercise will be walking around the mall shopping with Chris.

Tomorrow is long run day. Hal says 9 miles, but I mapped out 10. 10.01 to be exact!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 3 & 4 of Week 4

I really need to try to update after I get my training in for the day.

Anyway, yesterday was day 3. I spent 35 minutes doing intervals on the AMT and lifted weights with Chris. We did our biceps. I then came home and did 85 push ups. Not consecutively. I did 5 sets of 15 and 1 set of 10.

Today I will be running 6.25 miles and hope to squeeze in some abs too. I need to research some new places to run. Running through my city is not all that exciting. I love new scenery. It's makes running fun and longer distances go by so fast.

I leave for Hawaii in less than 3 weeks. I need to coordinate my traning with my vacation. I also need to map out a few running routes. I am scheduled to run a total of 24 miles the first week I am there and 25 miles the 2nd week I am there. I will probably just divide out each week into 3 longer runs versus 3 shorter runs and one long run. Hopefully Chris is up for a couple long runs with me! I wonder if I can count the climb up and down Diamond Head as a run? lol

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 2, Week 4

Yesterday was day 2 and Hal had me scheduled to run 3 miles. I ran 5.64 with an 8.28 pace. For some reason, it was slightly rough. I am assuming that it had to do with the 4 days of hills and not taking a rest day on Monday. Either way, I completed it with a pace better than I anticipated.

My plan has a total of 19 miles this week. 3 miles tuesday, 4 miles wednesday, 3 miles thursday and 9 miles saturday. I have taken the mid week 10 mile total and will divide it up in two longer runs to total just over that amount. Then I will do my scheduled 9 on saturday. I plan to do 45 minutes on the stationary bike tonight along with some strength training. Then tomorrow I will run 5.5-6 miles.

On a side note, I some times think to myself that I may not be able to complete the marathon. I have these 'what if' thoughts. I really need to stop this nonsense!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Week 4, Day 1

Well, here I am. Going into week 4 of my marathon training program. Of course, Mondays are always a rest day but after the weekend I had, I fully intend to do full body strength training and the form of 1 hour of pilates. Then it's back to hitting the pavement.

I had a few great runs over the weekend. I ran 24+ miles in 4 days on terrain that had a lot of hills!! Thursday I ran roughly 7 miles, Friday I ran close to 5 miles, Saturday I ran 9 miles and Sunday I ran 3 miles. Each time I headed out I felt great, except for Sunday. I decided to run at 6pm after laying in the sun by the lake for 6.5 hours. So I was hot, slightly burnt, hungry, tired but had to get a run in.

And I just signed up Bethany, my sister in-law, for her first ever half marathon! She will be running the Detroit Free Press half. This was my first half and I had so much fun running it. I really hope she enjoys it too.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Slightly behind...Week 3

Oops, looks like I missed a couple days. I am really trying to be good about updating daily. It's only week 3 and I am already falling behind. I am also leaving to head to my in-law's lake house today after work.

Monday was day 1 of week 3. It was supposed to be a rest day, but I just can't seem to do that so early in this training. I ended up doing about 40 minutes of total body strength training.

Tuesday was day 2. I was scheduled to run 3 miles, but I had a horrible head ache and will be running 27+ miles for the weekend so I opted for pilates & core work. I also did 6 sets of 10 push ups.

Today is day 3 and I am leaving to go out of town. I plan on running an easy and short 2.61 miler when I get to the lake. I could just skip, but why not get a short run in? Besides, I just love running up there. It never gets old or boring!!

I have the following distances planned for Wednesday - Sunday. The terrain will be a nice challenge and change of pace from the flat roads I run at home.

Wednesday: 2.61 miles
Thursday: 6.16 miles (day 4)
Friday: 4.89 miles (day 5)
Saturday: 8.62 miles (day 6)
Sunday: 4.89 miles (day 7)
Total Mileage: 27.17 miles, plus we love taking walks in the evenings. so that will add some mileage but in a relaxing form.

I will be using my resistance bands, perfect push up, ab lounge (it's my mother in-law's), swimming in the lake and plenty of kayaking with Chris. I will definitely be getting in good quality exercise.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 7, Week 2

Today was a cross training day. I decided to head over to the gym and use the stationary bike. I am not big into the bike at all, but I have heard it's good for your cross training day so I sucked it up and used the bike. It wasn't all that bad either! I took a magazine with me and read while I biked for 48 minutes/10 miles. I think I will start using the bike more often. I also ended up strength training for back muscles. I love being in the gym during the summer. I never have to wait for any of the machines or a bench in the free weights area.

Day 6, Week 2

Hal had me running 7 miles, but I decided to run 9. It must have been a slightly rough run because my pace was 8:51. I have been pretty consistant with an 8:30-8:45 per mile pace. I really need to start putting in some time for speed work!

Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Official!

I am officially registered for the Detroit Free Press Marathon. My estimated finish time is 4 hours. Now I need to buckle down and do some speed work.

Day 4 & 5 of Week 2

Last night I ended up doing close to an hour of cardio kick boxing and also some core work. I had no desire to head to the gym and I couldn't run outside due to the storm.

Today is a rest day, which is good because I have a wedding to go tonight.

I need to map my run for tomorrow morning. I am hoping to get 9 miles in before I have to get ready for an 11am bridal shower. It's a busy weekend, but I will make time for my training.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today is day 3 of week 2

and it's 94 degrees out!! I ran 3.2 mile yesterday (I know, not as long as I planned on) and it was so hot! But that wasn't the worst of it. What was hard was mowing our lawn. Chris NEVER lets it go for 2 weeks, but did this time. And is out of town so who was left to mow it? Me. I think I got more of a work out mowing that lawn than I did running. I had sweat dripping in my eyes!!

Today I will be going to the gym...the air conditioned gym! I will strength train for shoulders, back & chest and then run 3 miles on the indoor track. I know sometimes you have to deal with the elements you have, but since I have the option of running in the A/C, you bet I will take advantage of that!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Week 2 started yesterday! day 2, week 2

Yesterday was day 1 of my 2nd week into marathon training. The schedule was a rest day, but of course, I did not listen. lol I ended up at the gym doing 40 minutes of intervals on the AMT machine and then lifted for biceps and triceps.

Since today is day 2 and I am scheduled to run 3 miles, I mapped a 4.25 mile route. It's going to be a hot one! It's 87 degrees today! I also have to cut the grass, so I will consider that an added bonus exercise for today. lol I NEVER cut the grass, that is Chris's job! :o)

I had a gentleman approach me while I was on the AMT machine last night at the gym. First he just said "hi, how are you doing". I responded with "hello". I thought maybe he had me confused with someone else he knew. He then came up to me and said "you did a good job in the Trenton 10K race. You finished right behind me and just in front of my friend". He also told me that he always sees me running near my home because he runs the same route. We chatted for a couple minutes and then off he went to run the track.

I always recognize people that I have seen at races. You can talk to them as if you know each other and it's never weird. I think runners have a certain connection with each other.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 7, Week 1

Unfortunately, nothing to report. This day was very busy being fathers day and all!

Day 6, week 1...2 days later

Saturday was day 6. According to my buddy Hal, I was scheduled to run 6 miles. I upped it to 8.66 miles. I woke up around 7am, ate half a Kashi chewy bar and was out the door by 7:40am. It was a nice, easy run with a pace of 9 minutes flat.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 5, week 1

I missed my run last night. It happens. My son had his last regular season baseball game and they mercied the first place team. After the game, his team made a trip to get ice cream to celebrate. By the time I got home it was 7:30pm and I still had so much I had to get done around the house. So 40 push ups was the only form of exercise I got in yesterday.

Tonight I will be going to the gym for a 40 minute interval work out on the elliptical and will strenght train for back and shoulders. My training program has me running 6 miles tomorrow, but I have upped it to 8.5 miles. This will be an early morning, wet run! Tomorrow is playoffs for my son's little league baseball so I have to get up early to squeeze in my run.

Sunday I am supposed to cross train and fully intend on doing so. It won't be until later in the day that I am able to get my work out in. It's fathers day and my dad is competing in an X-terra duathlon about 1 hour from my house. I have to leave by 6:45am. I asked if I could bring my shoes to run the trail, but a) it's for race participants only and b) there is no way my dad will want to run it once the race is over. I also need to see my step dad on Sunday as well. So it will be a late afternoon Sunday trip to the gym for cross trianing and strength training for biceps & triceps.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 4, week 1

and scheduled to run 3 miles. I talked to my dad last night about my training and he told me that I have enough of a fitness level to not worry about the shorter runs during the first few weeks. He said to keep doing what I am doing, but also to watch my schedule to make sure I stay up on my mileage. So it's settled. I will go back to my 5-6 mile runs during the week and my 9-10 mile runs on the weekends for the next couple weeks. That way, I can make sure to incooporate strength training too. Then come the 4th of July week/weekend, I will begin to follow the program as it is written.

So, instead of a 3 mile run tonight, I plan on doing at least 4-5 miles. Last night I was suppose to run 3 miles but I ran 3.5 miles (in 29:15), strength trained for shoulders, did 30 push ups and some core work.

It's supposed to be a nice day today! Sunny and 80. Since my son has a baseball game, I won't be able to run until 7-7:30pm this evening. So hopefully it won't be as warm. But even if it is, I won't complain. We get shafted in Michigan when it comes to summers so I better enjoy this while I can!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 3, Week 1

It's day 3 and I am scheduled to run 3 miles. They are calling for rain today with a high of 72 degrees. I mapped out a route and I also plan on lifting weights. I know it's not part of my training program, but I have worked very hard for the muscle definition I have that I feel it is important for me to continue weight training while marathon training. If the weather cooperates, I will be running a 3.25 mile loop around my neighborhood and then lifting weights for shoulders in my basement gym. If the weather decides to be difficult, then I will run 3 miles on the indoor track at the gym and lift weights there.

Last night I ran 3.25 miles in 26:53. It was a great run, but seemed awfully short. For the past couple months or so, I've been running shorter runs of 6 miles once or twice during the week and then 9-11 miles on Saturdays. On off running days I have been concentrating on the elliptical and lots of strength training. So running 3 miles last night just seemed like I was short changing myself. I know I could add distance to my required runs, but I'd rather follow the program as instructed. The only modifications I am making is to add strength/weight training.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Week 1, Day 2

Well, it's day 2. Only 124 more days to go! I am scheduled to run 3 miles tonight. I created my route using like I usually do. I need to make sure I find other places to run while I am training. Running in the busy city I live in can get very boring. Boring is not what I want. I want to keep my training fun and I want to look forward to each and every run.

Anyway, I mapped out a 3.25 mile route. It's a loop around my neighborhood and out on to a main road. It's about 80 degrees today so I will be dressed in my shorts, sports bra, no show socks, running hat, ironman watch and my trusty Brooks.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Training Program

I guess I should explain the training program that I am using.

I will be using Hal Higdon's Novice I marathon training. It is an 18 week program that will take me to the day of the marathon, October 18th.

I followed his half marathon training and had success both times I used it. I hope to have the same success with the marathon training as well.

Week 1, Day 1

The day has finally arrived; my first day of marathon training. And it's a rest day. Yep, you read correctly, a rest day! How am I supposed to rest when I have been counting down to the start of my training? Well, instead of resting, I intend to do core work tonight. I am sure it won't hurt my training.

I also wanted to introduce everyone to my shoes. Since my blog is named after them, I figured it was only right to let them have there 5 minutes of fame. :-)
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9's

Friday, June 5, 2009

I just couldn't wait...

until June 15th for my first update. I never thought I would be this excited to begin an 18 week marathon training program, but I am! I am counting down the days (10 to be exact). I know it will take extreme dedication and will be very intense, but I am so ready to take it on! I will be following Hal Higdon's Novice 1 program, per the advice of my dad. And for those that do not know this, I will be running my first marathon with my dad. Now, he is faster and a much more experienced runner than myself, but he has made the decision to run with me. and when I say with me, that means by my side the entire way. Thanks Dad. I am sure I will him/you there for support!

As a last Hurrah, I am running a 10K race on June 12th in Trenton, MI called the Refuge River Run. I ran this race last year but it was an 8K. They have made some changes to this race and it will now be a 5K & 10K race. I am hoping to PR. My current 10K PR is 48:59, 7:53 pace. I think a PR is doable. It will be a great way to kick off my training!