Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Completed: Week 3 of Chicago Marathon Training

Once again, I am behind on updating this. I must get better at keeping up with my blog. It's pointless to even have one if I don't utilize it!

Anyway, here is how the weeks training went.

Monday Scheduled: 3 mile run
Monday Actual: 4.18 miles @ 8:20 pace, core work, push ups 3 x 10

Tuesday Scheduled: 5 mile run
Tuesday Actual: 6 mile run on treadmill (didn't record the paces I ran)

Wednesday Scheduled: 3 mile run
Wednesday Actual: 3 miles @ 8:41 pace, upper body lifting

Thursday Scheduled: Rest
Thursday Actual: Rest

Friday Scheduled: 5 mile pace run
Friday Actual: 7.01 mile run; 57:08 8:09 pace (at the lake on hilly terrain)

Saturday Scheduled: 6 mile run
Saturday Actual: 5.14 mile run; 41:35 8:06 pace (at the lake on hilly terrain)

Sunday Scheduled: cross train
Sunday Actual: 3.36 mile run; 26:43 7:57 pace, core work

Scheduled Mileage: 22 miles
Actual Mileage: 24.51 miles
Weight: did not weigh in

Monday, June 21, 2010

Completed: Week 2 of Chicago Marathon Training

Week 2 is complete. Only 16 weeks to go. We have had some hot & humid days that have really affected me when I am running. I am hoping I can adjust to this heat or this will be a long summer of training!

Here is how the week went.

Monday Scheduled: 3 mile run
Monday Actual: core work, push ups 4 x 15

Tuesday Scheduled: 5 mile run
Tuesday Actual: 5 mile run; 1 mile @ 8:20 pace, 1 mile @ 8:13 pace, 1 mile @ 8:06 pace, 1 mile @ 8:20 pace, 1 mile @ 8:34 pace

Wednesday Scheduled: 3 mile run
Wednesday Actual: 5 mile run; 1 mile @ 8:13 pace, 1 mile @ 8:00 pace, 1.33 miles @ 7:53 pace, .67 miles @ 8:20 pace, captains chair 3 x 15

Thursday Scheduled: Rest
Thursday Actual: 30 day shred level 1 + additional upper body lifting, core work

Friday Scheduled: 5 mile run
Friday Actual: 6 mile run; 1 mile @ 8:27 pace, 4 miles @ 8:00 pace, 1 mile @ 8:34 pace

Saturday Scheduled: 9 mile run
Saturday Actual: 30 minutes AMT intervals 4% / 20%, 5 minutes 16%, upper body lifting (2-bicep, 2-triceps, 3-back, 2-shoulders)

Sunday Scheduled: cross train
Sunday Actual: 10.06 mile run 1:22:36 8:13 pace (hot & humid, disappointed in my pace)

Total Mileage: 26.06 miles
Weight: 121lbs

Friday, June 18, 2010

In Honor of Father's Day: My Running Inspiration

The person who inspired me to start running and pushes me to my limits! Thanks to him, I've become a stronger, faster runner and along the way developed a bound with him that no one can break.

My Dad.

Completed: Week 1 of Chicago Marathon training

1 week down, 17 to go!

Actually, closer to 16 since I seem to be so "on top" of updating my blog. I am starting to wonder if I am even meant to blog. I rarely post any fun pictures, I forget to update and it's just not as pretty looking as most of the others I follow.

Anyway, here is what I was scheduled to run and what my actual work outs were.

Monday Scheduled: 3 mile run
Monday Actual: 30 minute stationary bike, core work (rested my legs since I ran a half marathon the day before)

Tuesday Scheduled: 5 mile run
Tuesday Actual: 5 mile run (3 miles @ 8:13 pace, 2 miles @ 8:06 pace) + upper body lifting; biceps, triceps, shoulders & back

Wednesday Scheduled: 3 mile run
Wednesday Actual: 6.34 mile run 51:00 8:03 pace (hot, humid & miserable), core work

Thursday Scheduled: rest
Thursday Actual: rest day, push ups 4 x 15

Friday Scheduled: 5 mile run
Friday Actual: 6.42 mile run (up at my in-law's lake house. very hilly location) 53:25 8:20 (hot, humid, windy)

Saturday Scheduled: 8 mile run
Saturday Actual: 8 mile run in 2 segments; 4.36 miles w/ Chris 40:32 9:18 pace, 3.64 miles after dropping Chris off at home 29:23 8:06 pace = 8 miles

Sunday Scheduled: Cross Training
Sunday Actual: None, attended the Nascar Race. Unless I can count the walking from the tailgate lot, to the track, climbing up and down a steep flight of stairs multiple times, etc... :0)

Total Mileage: 25.76 miles
Weight: ??

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week 1 Day 2 & 3 Chicago marathon training

Quick update on how my training has gone over the past couple days.

I am/was scheduled to run the following days/distances; Tuesday 3 miles, Wednesday 5 miles, Thursday 3 miles, Friday rest, Saturday 5 miles and Sunday 8 miles. We are going to the lake and to the Nascar race this weekend so I had to modify the weeks required runs.

I decided to consolidate 3 of the runs to have one 5 mile run (Tuesday) and one 6 mile run (Wednesday). I am moving the remaining 5 mile run to Friday and my 8 mile run to Saturday.

Anyway, Tuesday I ended up splitting the 5 mile run into two runs. I ran 3 miles @ 8:13 pace on the treamdill, followed by upper body lifting and then finished the work out with 2 miles @ 8:06 pace on the treadmill. I felt strong through the entire work out. I lifted for biceps, triceps, shoulders and back doing various free weight & pulley machine exercises. All and all, a great work out.

Then Wednesday came along. I planned on running 6 miles, mapped a route that ended up being 6.34 miles. I decided that I would be fine without taking my fuel belt even though it was warm out. I had hydrated all through-out the day so I figured I would be fine. Wrong! I made it about 2 miles and realized that I needed my water. I was parched! Not only that, but my legs felt so dead. It took all I had to keep moving. and the sun, oh how I love thee but my body was HOT! I ended up having to stop and walk a few seconds about 4-5 times. I pushed on and ran the entire 6.34 miles and was happy to grab that water bottle off my porch when I finished. What was my outcome? Well, I have proven to myself that I am faster then I give myself credit for. For having such a difficult run, having to stop and walk a few times, having to stop and cross 3 major roads, I still had an 8:03 pace!! So what I thought was a horrible run, showed to be a good one. It helped me realize that I am getting faster. My "easy" runs are at a pace that were once my "hard" runs.

I am taking today as a rest day to pack for our trip. I will run 5 miles tomorrow and 8 miles saturday at the lake. I am looking forward to my first loops around the area. It has quite a few challenging hills and will be nice to run on traffic free roads out of the city!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekly Exercise

I never did add my weekly exercise from May 24-30. So here is my results from May 24-30 and May 31-June 6.

May 31-June 6
Monday: none, drove home from being out of town
Tuesday: 5.6 mile run 44:26, 7:57 pace, push ups 3 x 15, core work
Wednesday: 7 mile run on treadmill; 1 @ 8:20 pace, 4 @ 8:00 pace, 1 @ 8:20 miles, 1 @ 8:57 pace
Thursday: push ups 2 x 15, cleaned house :0)
Friday: 3 mile run on treamdill; 1 @ 8:13 pace, 1 @ 8:00 pace, 1 @ 7:47 pace, weights for back, core work
Saturday: Upper Body Weights; chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders
Sunday: Half Marathon 1:40:47, 7:42 pace

Total Mileage: 28.70
Weight: ?

May 24-30
Monday: 5 mile run, 40:15 8:03 pace (sunburned w/ hot, humid weather)
Tuesday: 7 mile run on treadmill; 8:20 pace w/ sprints 57:50
Wednesday: 3 mile run on treadmill 8:13 pace, biceps, shoulders, triceps
Thursday: none
Friday: none
saturday: 11.74 mile run up north; 1:44:22 8:54 pace (one of the hottest, hardest runs I have had in a LONG time)
Sunday: none

Total Mileage: 26.74
Weight: ?

Week 1 Day 1 of Chicago Marathon Training

Today is week one/day one of Chicago marathon training. I have decided to follow Hal Higdon's Intermediate I Marathon training program. It's an 18 week program that will have me running 5 times a week (1 being a long run), cross training once a week and having one rest day.

Lucky for me, today is a cross training day. My legs are sore and tight due to yesterdays half marathon, so I will be using the stationary bike and doing some core work at the gym.

Dexter Ann Arbor Half Marathon Results & Review

Yesterday, my dad and I ran the Dexter - Ann Arbor half marathon. I was unsure how the weather was going to hold up for us. The night before mother nature released some wicked weather on us. I was woken twice by high winds, pouring rain and tornado sirens. My dad had it even worse. His town was hit by a tornado...twice! So needless to say, we were both pretty darn tired Sunday morning. My friend Kristy was running the 10K so she was at my house at 6am. We made the drive to Ann Arbor, parked and waited for my dad. He met us at the parking structure around 7am. I wished Kristy good luck and dad and I headed to the bus lines. We were to be bussed out to Dexter and the course takes you back to downtown Ann Arbor near the U of M campus. The start time was moved up from 8:30am to 8:15am and then back to 9am. There was a tree across one of the roads that needed to be removed before we started. At 9am we were finally off. I fell into a comfortable pace with my dad and enjoyed most of the course. There were a few decent climbs and some nice down hills where I could pick up speed. I felt good through out the entire race except for the last 2 miles. Mile 12 I was really pushing myself along, telling myself "you've made it this far, its only 2 miles". Mile 13 was the death of me. I was leaving all I had out on the road adn it still wasn't enough. A couple times my dad turned and said "come on" and I snapped back "I am. I am trying my hardest". LOL! My dads goal for me was to come in around 1:40. My previous half marathon PR was 1:46:25. We crossed the finish line at 1:40:47, which is a 7:42 pace!! I beat my previous PR by 5:48! My Garmin states that we finished in 1:40:47 but that the distance was 13.27, not 13.1 which would put my pace at 7:37. Of course, I am going with the official race results as my time.

I remember my dad saying to me while we waited at the start line "you'll be surprised at how good of shape you are in with all the winter training you put in". I told him "if I can finish in 1:40, this will be a big confidence booster". It is. But I am still disappointed in how the last couple miles beat me. I let the mental aspect of the pain/race get to me and it won. I really need to work on that!

Official Results-

Finish Time: 1:40:47
Pace: 7:42
Age Group Place: 12/181
Overall Place: 379/2397

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blog Neglect and random thoughts

I am so behind on updating my blog. So much so that I have not even added my weekly exercise from last week! I can't do it right now since I am at work and my log is at home. Booo.

I know I have said it before, but I really need to give my blog an overhaul. It's so boring and just plain blah. I can't seem to find the time or patience to do so. I do promise to update more. I start marathon training on Monday so ideally I'd like to post daily, if not daily then every other day. I am taking on a tougher training program and with a BQ goal, I'd like to document as much of my training as possible.

I have a half marathon on Sunday. My dad wants me to run with him since he is also registered for the same race. I am not so sure I will be able to hang. I, for one, do not want him to run at a slower pace just to stay with me. That is what he would have to do because I highly doubt I can maintain his pace for all 13.1 miles. I will see him at the race expo on Saturday and will discuss our "game plan" then.

I am totally in love with my Garmin except for one small issue. I have the strap on the 2nd to smallest notch and once I start running it slides around on my sweat covered wrist. Which then causes it to bounce off that small bone on the side of my wrist. If I put it on the tightest notch, then it's too tight and hurts. Anyone have an idea on how I can make it fit more comfortably on my wrist? Should I purchase the loop strap versus using the watch style strap it came with?