Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Running Gifts

Out of all the fabulous gifts I recieved for Christmas, these are, by far, my favorites!

4 bottle fuel belt, gel flask for fuel belt, mega bottle of Hammer Gel in Raspberry (26 servings), 2010 running log and a renewed subscirption to Runner's World (not pictured).

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I don't mean to neglect you blog...

it's just that I have been so busy! Christmas has me shopping, baking, wrapping, etc... almost daily! That is on top of working full time and fitting in a work out. Hopefully I can get back on track next week! I onyl work Monday & Tuesday and then I am off until the 4th. I plan on running and working out everyday while I am off. I hope to get outside for a couple runs. I've been doing them on the indoor track & TM. Time to suck it up and face the winter weather. I also find out my gym is open Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and New Years day. Yay!

Anyway, weekly exercise went like this;

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 55 minutes of intervals on the AMT (4% and 16%)
Wednesday: turbo kick, P90X ab ripper
Thursday: 60 minutes of intervals on the AMY (4% and 16%)
Friday: shopping, yes that is a work out in this madness :0)
Saturday: biceps, triceps, shoulders, leg lifts on the captains chair, 4 mile run
Sunday: back, chest, legs & 3 mile run

Friday, December 11, 2009

7 miles on the TM

It looks like I just needed to vent yesterday because I went to the gym and made that treadmill my bitch. I did 7 miles while adjusting speed & incline. I did not keep track of my pace, but I do now I haad the incline up at 2% at a couple points during my work out. It felt good.

Tonight is a rest day. My left knee is sore and I need to deep clean my house tonight!

Tomorrow I will go to the gym in the morning for biceps, triceps, abs and will finish up by using nay energy I have left for a treadmill run/work out.

Sunday is back, shoulders, chest and the AMT machine.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

winter is messing with my mind!

I knew this would happen. It happens every year. The weather changes, it's bitter cold out and I lose motivation to run outside or even get my butt into the gym to run the track or treadmill! I ran about 4.5 miles last Saturday after my weight lifting routine and have not ran since! I've been working out, but not running and that worries me. Monday I kick boxed for 50 minutes, Tuesday I did 1 hours of intervals on the AMT, Wednesday I strength trained and did core/ab work. I told myself I was going to run tonight, but it's so cold out that all I can think about is going home and not leaving again! WTF!! I am so worried about losing all the endurance I built up over this year.

The one bonus that I see is that I have a jam packed schedule for 2010. I kick off my season with a cold 4 mile race in February and jump into trail half marathon training. After the trail half, I train for my first duathlon in May and have another half memorial weekend. It continues on too. Half in June, possible duathlon in July, 2 half's in August, pissibly Dances with Dirt in September and I might even try to run the Detroit marathon with a BQ time!

I just need to get through the rest of this month and Janaury...I gotta keep pushing myself to get out there and run!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

not training sucks!

I need to find a race for the month of December and for January. Without having a race in my future, I've totally slacked in running. I have not ran since the Turkey Trot. I have been doing a lot of cross training and strength training, but I really need to keep hitting the pavement...or the treadmill.

Which leads to this. We may cancel our membership at the Y and switch to Anytime Fitness. it's closer to our house (around the block!!!), open 24 hours and they have TV's on each treadmill!! Your own personal TV while running, how cool is that?! I need to call and find out what the membership fees are and when that location will be opening. I have a free 7 day pass I will use before signing up. I need to see if any of the tools from the YMCA switch to this gym and how busy it is at the times I like to go.

Anyway, my work out for this week has been pretty poor.
Monday: 45 minutes on the elliptical, intervals
Tuesday: 40 minutes on the AMT, fat burning setting
Wednesday: none

Plans for the rest of the week
Thursday: Turbo Kick, lots of ab/core work
Friday: weights for biceps & triceps, intervals on the AMT
Saturday: treadmill speed work, weights for back & shoulders
Sunday: stationary bike, leg work, abs