Monday, January 28, 2013

Boston training and the cutest baby girl.

Hi!  Its been a while since a real post.  I still have not updated my blog layout but wasn't going to let that hold me back from posting.

Boston training is in high gear.  We are 11 weeks out and I am already getting super excited.  I keep having visions of what it will be like in athletes village before the marathon, how I will feel crossing the finish line, etc... haha.  A true runnerd.  :-)

I have been loosely following Hal Higdon's intermediate I training.  Actually, I think I am using it more as a guide line.  My work outs have been much longer and harder than Hal has on the training plan.  Since I am not a rookie marathoner and I know what works, I am just going to keep on doing what I am doing.  It's January 28th and I have already ran 155 miles this month.  The one area that I really need to put some focus on is core and strength.  I know that when I make time for core and strength, I run faster and stronger.  It's just so hard to fit in all my miles, my full time job and family life.  I am learning how to balance the running/job/home front, it's just squeezing in that little extra that is tough.  I wish we have 26 hours in a day.  I am already waking at 4am to run so that my evenings can be left for my family.

Here is how the month has been stacking up.  I started off the year with being sick for 4 days.

Week 1: Dec 31st - Jan 6th
12-31: 12 miles (didn't write down my time or pace)
1-1: JM (Jillian Michaels) Shed & Shred (1 hour)
1-2 thru 1-4: Sick w/ the flu
1-5: 9.06 miles 1:18:28 8:40 pace, JM 6 week 6 pack
1-6: 10 miles 1:25:09 8:30 pace, JM yoga melt down level 1
Total Miles: 27.06

Week 2: Jan 7th - Jan 13th
1-7: rest
1-8: Two-A-Day; AM 7.41 miles 1:00:02 8:06 pace (with a fall on the concrete) PM 5 miles 8:37 pace43:05 1% incline on treadmill, tricep dips 3 x 10
1-9: 6.05 miles 55:34 9:11 pace, push ups 4 x 15, crunches 3 x 25
1-10: 6.50 miles 54:19 8:21 pace
1-11: rest
1-12: 12 miles 1:37:13 8:06 pace, push ups 4 x 15
1-13: 4 miles 35:00 8:44 pace rolling hills on treadmill, upper body lifting (shoulders, biceps, triceps)
Total Miles: 40.96

Week 3: Jan 14th - Jan 20th
1-14: 5.27 miles 45:00 8:32 pace treadmill, abs
1-15: rest
1-16: Two-A-Day; AM 7.1 miles 60:00 8:26 pace rolling hills on treadmill, PM 3.44 miles 30:00 8:43 pace Utah hills on treadmill, 3 miles 27:10 9:03 pace flat on treadmill
1-17: 5.6 miles 45:22 8:06 pace
1-18: 4 miles 37:12 9:10 pace 1% incline, push ups 3 x 15, core work
1-19: 15 miles trails at Island Lake 2:23:48 9:34pace
1-20: 50 minutes Elliptical intervals, upper body lifting (biceps, shoulders, triceps), core work
Total Miles: 43.41

Week 4: Jan 21st - Jan 27th
1-21: 7.1 miles 60:00 8:26 pace rolling hills on treadmill
1-22: 6.7 60:00 8:57 pace treadmill, push ups 4 x 15
1-23: 6 miles 60:00 8:20 pace fat burn setting on treadmill, core work, tricep dips, push ups 4 x 15, shoulder press w/ 10lb dumbbells
1-24: 5.17 miles 45:00 8:41 pace 1% incline, push ups 4 x 15
1-25: Katie's virtual 5K; 1 mile 8:42 pace w/u, 5K 22:41 7:17 pace, 1.5 miles 13:41 9:06 pace cool down, leg lifts 4 x 25, push ups 2 x 20
1-26: rest
1-27: 16.84 miles 2:27:48 8:47 pace (joined a running friend who was out running 26.2 miles as part of his 100 miler training.  we would run hard for 1 mile, then turn back and slowly run back to our friend and repeat), abs
Total Miles: 47.41

As you can see, I am severely lacking in the strength training area.  Push ups are OK, but shouldn't be my only source.  I ran 5 miles this morning and spent about 20 minutes doing various core moves and I hope I can squeeze in a short dumbbell work out this evening.  This weeks goal, aside from my mileage, is to do core work 3 times and strength 2 times.  Wish me luck!

Now on to the most important subject... Anna!  Check her out in her 'crawl, walk, run, marathon' shirt.

I honestly think it should read 'walk, run, marathon'.  She is a girl on the move!  I think she may skip crawling all together. 

And so that it doesn't seem like I am playing favorite, here is a photo of my 15 year old son at Junior ROTC drill competition.  he's the 3rd one in line wearing glasses.

What do you find hardest about training?  How do you fit it all into your busy schedules?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Looking for advice on re-vamping the blog

I really would like to start taking my blog a little more seriously.  Let's be honest here, this blog sucks.  It's boring, I rarely post and doesn't have many followers.  I am also not too fond of the blogger layouts.  So here are my questions to you.

I was thinking of switching over to word press.  pros?  cons?
If not word press, which host? 
Which blog host is easiest to post from an iPhone if/when needed?
Should I transfer this blogs content or start fresh?
New name?  Keep the same name?

I want to start posting more on products I love, my work outs, my current training plans, how I am approaching race season, etc...  Basically re-vamp and become more of a blog people enjoy to read. 

Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


1,512 miles is what I ended up with for 2012.  Not my highest mileage year, but not too bad since I did have a baby in June. 

My goal for 2013 (besides my insane marathon schedule w/ a 50 miler thrown in)? 2013 miles.  Averages out to be just under 38 miles per week.  My average during training and peak racing season is 40-50 miles per week.  I've got 2013 miles in 2013!!!