Monday, January 30, 2012

Boston Marathon Training: Week 4

or should I title it "non-Boston Marathon Training"? 

Last week wasn't what I had hoped for.  5 days of running turned into 3 days of running.  36 miles turned into 28 miles.  and 2-3 x's of strength training turned into a couple days of doing push ups and 1 day of core work.  I wish I had a good reason why last week turned to crap, but I don't.  I was lazy and slacked off.  I chose sleep over running.  I did attend an early morning yoga class that I will be adding to my weekly training/work outs.  So that is a plus!  I also turned a 14 mile run into a 16 mile trail run.  so again, another plus.  But still, not anywhere near the mileage I wanted to be at.  I will definitely use this coming week to get back on track.  No more slacking off!

Here is how last weeks running and training went.

Monday: 4 mile run - treadmill PM at the gym, push ups 4 x 10
Tuesday: core work; modified planks, straight arm planks, side oblique crunches, seated crunches, Russian twists w/ 5lb weight
Wednesday: 8.02 mile run - outside early AM
Thursday: push ups 6 x 10
Friday: yoga class
Saturday: 16 mile trail run - snowy, icy, wet
Sunday: not a thing!  hello laziness!!
Total Mileage: 28.02 miles


Thursday, January 26, 2012

The road to Boston...a dead end?

As I get further along in my pregnancy, the more I am starting to realize that Boston may not happen for me this year.  I've shed many tears over this.  This journey was 2 years in the making and now I may have to bow out.  I know it is only a marathon and I know I can work hard to qualify again but its still hard to swallow.

My dad and husband have both made very valid points on why I may want to consider not going.  I am going to take it day by day because, as of now, I feel great!  I am much slower than I used to be (most long runs being around a 9 minute per mile pace), but otherwise I am running all my scheduled training runs using the same plan I used to BQ.  I have had to omit the tough hill and speed work I used to do, but have supplemented by adding quick pick ups to my shorter runs. 

I don't know.  Part of me thinks I can do this but another part of my thinks that maybe holding off is the best thing to do.  Do I really want to walk majority of the marathon?  Probably not.  But to cross the finish line, earn that medal and buy my 2012 jacket makes me think absolutely, I'll walk for that! 

Only time will tell. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Boston Marathon Training: Week 3

Another week done.  Although, my road to Boston may be more like a dead end.  I'll get more into that another time.

My shins have really been bothering me lately.  Almost every time I run, they hurt until about 2-3 miles in, then the pain goes away. I've tried everything to alleviate it but I personally think its the pregnancy. I think my body, stride and form is changing to compensate for the extra weight.

Anyway, here is how last weeks training went.  it was a cut back week but I still managed closed to 30 miles.

Monday: 4.5 miles run - afternoon on the treadmill, triceps
Tuesday: 5.5 mile run - AM 2 miles on treadmill, 3.5 miles on indoor track
Wednesday: core work
Thursday: 6.5 mile run - AM treadmill, planks, crunches, push ups - PM
Friday: scheduled rest day
Saturday: 3.1 mile run - AM treadmill, upper body lifting
Sunday: 10.30 mile run outside on the snow covered roads. 
Total Mileage: 29.31 miles
Total Strength Training: 4

I'll leave you with a couple photos taken Sunday after our run.  I am definitely showing!! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Boston Marathon Training: Week 2

Week 2 of 14 is done.  I am beginning to adjust to my new training style and the affects pregnancy has taken on my running.  This is so different than any training I have done in the past.  My pace is much slower and although I try to do some small speed sessions, my body just won't allow it.  Sometimes I am almost embarrassed to admit how slow I've gotten to be, but then I remind myself that I am carrying precious cargo on every run.  I must go slow to protect the little one. 

Last week certainly wasn't anything to write home about.  I ended up taking 2 rest days and did my 12 mile "long" run inside on the treadmill.  I made sure to get 3 days of strength training/core work in so that is a plus!

Here's how last week wrapped up.

Monday: unplanned rest day
Tuesday: 6.5 mile run - treadmill in the AM, yoga & core at home PM
Wednesday: 8.5 mile run - outside AM, ended up being a great morning for an early run!!
Thursday: 5.5 mile run - treadmill AM, push ups, core at home PM
Friday: scheduled rest day
Saturday: 12.03 mile run - treadmill afternoon, my longest run on a treadmill to date.  it wasn't easy that's for sure!
Sunday: 45 minutes stationary bike, strength training for biceps & shoulders AM
Total Mileage: 32.53 miles
Total Strength Training: 3

And to touch base on the Olympic Marathon trial results, I am so happy with how Desi finished!  I was really hoping she'd pull out the win. The top 3 women I wanted to see make it, did.  The men's race was amazing.  Meb had such a huge lead.  I couldn't believe the paces these men & women ran.  So fast! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Boston Marathon Training; Week 1

I've got one week under my belt.  My mileage was slightly more than what I have on my training program, but the paces are much slower than what I am used to.  Unfortunately, training for a marathon while being pregnant (I am well into my 18th week) definitely puts a strain on speed.  I am not letting it bring me down though. I am just happy that I am still able to run 5 times a week without having any issues.  My goal is only to finish Boston, not set a PR. 

Monday: 6.61 miles - treadmill
Tuesday: 5.67 miles - treadmill, push ups 5 x 10
Wednesday: 5.26 miles - treadmill, biceps, push ups 5 x 10, core
Thursday: 4.5 miles - treadmill
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 11.60 miles outside w/ hills
Sunday: cross training; 30 minute stationary bike, upper body lifting, core work
Total Mileage: 33.64

and I will leave you with a little something Janae shared in her blog.  Desiree Davila's ridiculously fast 3 x 3 mile repeats. click here to watch the video.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 recap

Total miles ran in 2011: 1,841.33

11 races completed;

1- 100 mile relay
1- 50K
2- marathons w/ a Boston Qualifier!
4- half marathons, one being a trail
1- 4 mile race
1- 5K
1- 10K

2/13/2011 Riverview Winter Fest 4 Miles 28:48:00 7:12 pace
3/20/2011 Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon Half Marathon, 1:37:31 7:27 pace

4/2/2011 Martian Half Marathon Half Marathon, 1:37:45 7:29 pace

5/1/2011 Trail Half Marathon Half Marathon, 2:02:10 9:19 pace

5/28/2011 Bayshore Marathon Marathon, 3:28:59 7:59 pace

7/9/2011 Rollie Hopgood's 5K, 21:55 7:04 pace

7/23/2011 Red Eye Relay 100 Miles mixed ultra

8/20/2011 Somerset Stampede Half Marathon, 1:44:24 7:58 pace

9/24/2011 Dances with Dirt Extreme 50K Ultra 6:16:56 12:10 pace (3 weeks pregnant)

10/16/2011 Free Press Detroit Marathon Marathon, 3:45:30 8:37 pace (7 weeks pregnant)

11/24/2011 Detroit Turkey Trot 10K, 48:23:00 7:47 pace

Overall, 2011 was a successful year!  Not only did I set out and accomplish all of my goals, I also received a huge surprise for my birthday; I found out that I was pregnant!  So now I start 2012 off training for the Boston marathon while a little human grows inside me.  The poor baby doesn't stand a chance.  He or she is going to be born with running shoes on his or her feet!!  :-)