Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly Exercise

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 5 miles on Treadmill, push ups 3 x 15

Wednesday: Hip exercises/stretching, push ups 3 x 10

Thursday: 6 miles on Treadmill

Friday: weights for back & shoulders, 25 minutes on AMT intervals 20% and 4%

Saturday: weights for biceps & triceps, 3 mile hill work on Treadmill

Sunday: 7 miles on Treadmill, core work

Total Mileage: 21 miles
Weight: forgot to weigh in this morning

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Marathon Training...Which Plan?

I am in the process of picking my marathon training program but am not sure which one to choose.

There is Hal Higdon's, which only tops out at 20 miles as my longest run and is 18 weeks long.

Or Cool Running, which tops out at 26 miles and is 20 weeks long.

Which would you choose and why?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weekly Exercise

Here is how last weeks exercise went. Better late then never!

Monday: 3 mile run on the TM-easy I had a sore right shin, upper body weights, push ups 3x15

Tuesday: 6 miles on the TM, push ups 3x10

Wednesday: 3.75 miles speed work 6x400 @ 7:19 pace & 7:23 pace, tricep dips, back extensions

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: 1.5 miles on the TM, lifting for shoulders & triceps (lifted with Chris)

Saturday: 3 miles on the TM, lifted for biceps & Back, 6 minutes on the AMT

Sunday: core work

Total Mileage: 17.25 miles
Weight: 117lbs

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boring Blog!

I have come to the realization that my blog is boring. The look is so blah. I follow some fabulous blogs and when I look at mine I think "gosh, this blog sucks". So, look for a revamp this weekend!

I need to decide if I should stay with blogger or switch to wordpress. Any advice would be appreciated.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekly Exercise

A few days late...oh well. here is how last weeks exercise went.

Monday: treadmill work 3 mile intervals, 3 miles at medium pace; 6 miles total
Tuesday: 35 minute tempo run on the treadmill (4 miles), push ups 3 x 15
Wednesday: 3 miles on the track, upper body weights, planks, squats, stretching, push ups 3 x 15
Thursday: Rest Day, cleaned house!
Friday: treadmill work 30 minutes intervals (3.25 miles), leg work: extensions, curls, abduction, adduction, calf lifts, squats
Saturday: Upper Body weights, ab/core work
Sunday: 4 mile race + 1 mile cool down afterwards; chip time 30:04, pace 7:31

Total Mileage: 21.25
Weight: 119.8lbs

Monday, February 15, 2010

Pictures from the 4 Mile Race

4 mile race results

4 mile Race
Chip Time: 30:04
Pace: 7:31

overall I am happy with my time, but I really wanted to break 30 minutes. I will definitely be focusing more on my speed work!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week 2 Day 5 Half Marathon training

I am taking a much needed rest day. Not because I am fatigued, but because I need to clean my house! We are talking dusting, vacuuming, washing floors, etc... I have also enjoyed having Thursday as a day off. It's like the calm before the weekend storm. I tend to really bust it out on the weekends.

This week has been a great running week, thus far. I have ran every single day, doing various mileage and work outs. I am scheduled to run 6 miles Sunday. I have a 4 mile race that morning and will run 2 additional miles once I finish. I am hoping the weather cooperates this year. I ran this same race in 2008 and it was -13 with the wind chill and the ground was covered in snow & ice. No matter what the weather is, I am very excited to get in my first race of the 2010 season!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekly Exercise

Monday: upper body weights, push ups 4 x 15, legs were VERY sore
Tuesday: 5 miles treadmill
Wednesday: 5 x 400 @ 7:19 pace + additional mileage, total mileage 5.25 miles
Thursday: 30 Day Shred level 1 & 2
Friday: rest
Saturday: 6 miles treadmill, push ups 5 x 15
Sunday: leg work, abs, 20 minutes AMT at 20%

Total Mileage: 16.25
Weight: 120lbs

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 1 Day 4 of Half Marathon Training

I missed my 5 x 400 speed work the other day so I made sure to fit it in to my run. I ended up running a total of 5.25 miles, which included my 5 x 400's. I ran my 5 x 400's at 7:19 per mile pace and my breaks in between at an 8:13 pace. Once I completed my 5 x 400's I ran at an 8:13 pace and finishing off the last mile at 8:00 pace. I felt great the entire time. I made sure to spend some extra time stretching afterwards too.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week 1 Day 2 & 3 of Half Training

The week was off to a nice start after Sunday's power session at the gym. Little did I know the damage I caused. Monday was painful! My legs have not been this sore since running the marathon. I think spending 2.5 hours working on my legs and abs was a bit of an over kill. At least I learned my lesson.

So day 2 ended up being mostly a rest day. I did spend some time doing upper body strength training along with 4 x 15 push ups.

Day 3 turned out much better. I went to the gym for an easy 3 mile run to loosen up my muscles, which were still sore! I ended up having a great run and pounded out 5.25 miles alternating the incline along with the pace (8:20-8:00). That really refreshed me and put me in a great mood.

Chicago Bound

It's official...I am running the Chicago Marathon!