Monday, November 26, 2012

Detroit Turkey Trot 10K results

Finish Time: 45:52
Pace: 7:22
Place: 9th out of 592 in age group

Good for a new 10K PR.  Not all that fast, but I can literally count on one hand how many 10K's I have ran in the past few years.  They are clearly not my favorite distance.  I prefer half marathons or longer and avoid 5K's and 10K's because they hurt. lol!  I used the turkey trot as my speedwork for the week. 

If you want to read a great review on the race, check out Detroit Runner's review.  I know this race is more of a family fun run but still.  The finish area was a cluster!  I hope they make some changes for next years event.  I have run this for the past 6 years but will consider not running it again if they do not make some changes. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mezamashii Run Project

I finally received my shoes from Mizuno Mezamashii Run Project.  Since my feet are long and narrow (I run in a 9.5 2A) and I require a support shoe, I chose the Mizuno Wave Inspire 8's.  They were on back order and to my surprise, I received the 9's!  Do you have any idea how excited I was when I opened the box and saw the color of these shoes?  I had just commented to my husband (after seeing them in the RR sports catalog) how I would love if these are the ones I receive.  With my narrow feet, it seems like the shoes that come in widths are boring colors.  All my Brooks are white base w/ blue trim.  So to have a pair of narrow width running shoes in bright colors makes me so happy!!

I ran 5.25 miles in them this morning and so far they feel good.  There is one issue, but I am going to hold off on commenting on it just to see if it works itself out.  I've been running in Brooks for years so it may just be that I am adjusting to a different brand. 

Expect a full review of this shoe once I get some more miles in them.  I'll leave you with a few photos.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grand Rapids marathon review

On October 21st, I ran my 5th marathon; the Grand Rapids marathon.   I ran this with my dad and 2 of our running friends Mike and Dave. I often refer to these 3 as "my 3 dads". 

I really wanted to get a marathon in this year/post pregnancy before Boston in April and our friend Dave was trying to qualify for Boston.  We chose GR due to the smaller race field and hometown feel.  Please Dave has ran this course before and really enjoyed it.  My birthday was October 20th so what better way to celebrate than to run a marathon!

I headed out to Grand Rapids with my dad, step mom, son and infant daughter on Saturday.  We went straight to the expo/packet pick up which was located at the local YMCA.  I admired the Y.  Much larger than the one I go to.  They have 3 levels and the expo was held on the 3rd level of the facility.  It was a small expo, but still had some nice vendors.  When I finally made my way back to the packet pick up, I was surprised to find that my race number was 34.  That is how old I had turned that day.  Nothing like being bib #34 on my 34th birthday. 

Anna w/ mommy's bib number

After the expo we checked into our hotel.  We stayed a few miles from the start in Grandville.  It was very convenient being right off the highway.  it took us about 10 minutes to get there.  We relaxed at our hotel until then evening and met Dave & Mike at Olive Garden for pasta.   Once dinner was over we headed back to the hotel to lay out our race gear and get some rest.
Sunday morning came quickly.  I was up early to pump (sorry guys).  We dressed, had coffee & pancakes in the hotel lobby/cafe and was out the door by 7am.  This was probably one of the easiest races to get to and park at.  We were parked on the first floor of the structure, 2 spots from the entrance.  We had a short walk to the start/finish area.  We hit the porto potties, walked over the the start line and by 8am we were off. 
The course was nice.  Definitely a small town feel but those that were out were so supportive.  The course offered an abundance of water/Gatorade stations and I believe they were handing out Gu at 4 spots!  The most Gu hand outs I have ever received at a marathon before was 2.   I was feeling really good and on pace to run a 3:35.  Then came mile 19 and I started to get sore and sluggish.  I kept pushing on but it was mentally tough.  Mike was struggling and had dropped back at about mile 17.  My dad and Dave passed me up at about mile 21.  I kept them in my site the last 5 miles and crossed the finish line 39 seconds behind them.  They finished in 3:38:23 and I finished in 3:39:02.  Mike finished in 3:49:59.  All 4 of us BQ-ed!! 

dad, me, Dave & Mike
I was really impressed with the finish line food.  Water, Muscle Milk, ice cream, chips, bagels, banana, oranges, pickles.  I drank a Muscle Milk light but didn't want anything else.  My legs were cramping and when they cramp after a marathon, I get nauseous.  Very strange, I know.  I also got to see Jeff at the finish line.  it was great to see him and be able to chat about how each others races went. 
Overall I am pleased with the marathon.  Was it the 3:35 I had hoped for?  no.  But I would say that running a 3:39 4.5 months after giving birth isn't so bad.  It's also my 2nd fastest marathon to date.   
Official Results:
Time: 3:39:02
Pace: 8:22
Age Group Place: 18/101
Overall: 62/1586