Tuesday, August 21, 2012

July Stats, August work outs, DWD and other ramblings

In one week from today I go back to work after being off for 12 weeks.  I am so sad.  I will miss my baby girl and I will miss being able to run whenever I want to, so to speak.  I've been able to get in some high mileage weeks and I have this fear of not being able to balance work, running and family once I go back.  I know it will be hard at first but eventually I'll get the hang of it.

I officially signed up for Dances with Dirt 50K.  I am excited for this event.  It was one of my favorite events from last year.  So much different than your typical road race.  I love being on the trails, challenging my body, running in the dark, running up stream, etc...  Will I be ready?  Well, I have no choice.  I must admit though, I have not been on the trails in months!!  That needs to chance ASAP!  I plan to hit Poto over labor day weekend as well as a couple more training runs prior to DWD.  I know I will finish, I just want to make sure I can keep up with my dad and our other 2 friends, Mike & Dave.  We plan to stick together and these guys have been hitting the trails hard!! 

July ended up being a decent running month considering I had just given birth in June.  August is stacking up to be a great month as well.  I ran 114 miles in July and have already put up 139 miles this month with still having 10 more days of running.  I've had 1-50+ mile week and hope to hit 50+ this week.  I really need to add in more core and strength though.  I've been slacking in that area.  I've been trying to make sure I do push ups daily, but even those I slack on.  Push ups!  They don't even take that long to do.  I must start to make my strength and core a priority.  I know it will help make me a stronger runner. 

We leave for Higgins Lake tomorrow through Sunday and I fully intend on running everyday while we are there.  Last year I was able to get in a 10 mile run just by looping around the camp ground.   My goal is to get in an easy 3-5 mile run tomorrow when we arrive and then run 10 miles each day Thursday, Friday & Saturday with Sunday being my rest day. 

Duty calls!  As known as, my sweet Anna is starting to wake up.  I must go feed her, grab something light to eat and head out for a run.  I am running to the gym, lifting and doing core and will run home.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Run thru Hell race results

Saturday was the annual Run thru Hell race.  There are two events; 10 mile and 4.8 mile races.   My uncle is the creator of this race and has been putting it on for 35 years.    I ran the 10 mile along with Chris and a bunch of my running friends.  I went into this race as a training run and came out with a 2nd place finish in my age group!  I ran the 10 miler in 1:21:53.  Slower than last years event but faster than I thought I would run being how tough this course is.  Major, major hills!!!!

After the race, one of my running friends Dave and I headed back out to run another 5 miles.  We ran out 2.5 miles and turned back.  at about 3.5 miles, out of nowhere comes 2 big, black dogs that looked like a Pitt bull mix of some sort.  The one charged at Dave, bearing teeth, barking and foaming at the mouth.  Dave kicked and punched the dog while I jumped on the back windshield of a parked car.  The dogs stood there barking at Dave when a homeowner (and owner of the car I am on) come out.  He said they were the guy down the hills dog and told us to yell "go home".  We did and the dogs took off towards their house.  We grabbed a couple large rocks and slowly proceeded down the hill.  The dog owner came out of his house and asked if we were attacked.  He apologized stating he had no idea they got out.  He called them in and we finished our run.  Dave and I jinxed ourselves since we had just talked about how neither one of us grabbed our pepper spray and that we both carry it when running rural roads.  When we returned to the race site, we then notice 2 large scratches on Dave's arm and leg.  He thinks it was caused by the dogs studded collar.  He cleaned it off and applied anti-bacterial ointment to the area.  I've always had a fear of being chased and attacked by a stray dog ever since my dad was bitten by one.  Now I am not so sure when I will run on rural roads again. 

Official Race Results:

Time: 1:21:53
Pace: 8:12
Age Group Place: 2nd/18
Overall: 162/451

Monday, August 6, 2012

Run Clark Lake Results

Saturday was my first race since being pregnant and having Anna.  Chris and I ran the Run Clark Lake 12K.  I ran this race in 2010 as well.  Needless to say, I forgot how hilly this course was!  It was a hot, humid and sunny race.  My only goal was to run hard and finish strong.  I knew I would not come close to my 2010 finish time (56:05, 7:31 pace).  I started out slow and continued to get faster through out the race.  I crossed the finish line in 1:02:21, good for a 3rd place finish in my age group.  That is the same place I finished in 2010 but with a much faster time.  I am satisfied with my time being that I just gave birth 8 weeks ago.  After the race, Chris and I headed out for an additional 1.5 miles to make it an even 9 miles for the day.

Official Results:
Time: 1:02:21
Pace: 8:21
Age group: 3rd / 10
Overall: 65 / 190

                                         My 3rd place award.  I love to get awards I can use!