Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oak Openings 25K trail race results and review

The short. First 25K.  First trail race of 2012. Time: 2:16:40, 8:57 pace, however my Garmin disagrees and says the course was .50 miles short which would lead to a slower pace.  Placed 7th out of 20 in my age group (31-35, odd numbering I know). 

The Longer version.

My dad and I signed up for Oak Openings 25K trail race in Toledo, OH as part of our training for the main event this Saturday.  The race was held on what is called the boy scout trail.  I have ran this trail twice before; once in the dead heat of the summer in 2011 while training for Dances with Dirt and again in the winter while I was pregnant.  I liked knowing that I was going into a race to run a trail that I am not familiar with.  I started out much faster than I intended (or thought I could) to run but was able to maintain my pace and really push it hard.  My right knee was bothering me but I ignored it.  In fact, it's been bothering me for a while but I figured if I don't talk about it, the pain will go away.  :-) 

I didn't have any goal finish time in mind, just wanted to push it as hard as I could.  I believe that I did, but so did 6 other women in my age group!!  I placed 7th out of 20.  Not bad.  The course measured short so I guess I didn't really complete a 25K.  I'll have to add another one to my 2013 race schedule. 

On the only portion of the trail that is NOT in the woods.

Official Results:
Time: 2:16:40
Pace: 8:57 (based on 25K distance, not 15 miles as my Garmin registered)
A/G Place: 7th/20

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

20 mile run, a high mileage month and upcoming races

What a month August turned out to be. Not only did I run 2 post pregnancy races (Clark Lake 12K and Run thru Hell 10 mile) I also had my highest mileage month ever!! I ran a total of 220.47 miles! My highest prior to this was July of 2011 topping out at 203 miles. I know I won't see this number for a while now that I am back to work and have to fit running in where I can. I've been tooting my own hron all weekend about this mileage. It's amazing what my body has been able to do after giving birth. Now to get my speed back. 

Over the weekend I ran my longest distance/time run for 2012. We ran 20 miles on the Poto trail in Pinckney, MI in preperation for Dances with Dirt 50K. It took us 3 hours and 51 minutes to run 20.58 miles. That trail beat me up. I managed not to fall at all however, my legs are still sore 3 days later! I certainly hope I have it in me to meet our goal of sub-6 hours! I'll be hitting the trail again this Saturday to run another 20 miles. At least we are keeping it a little "easier" by running at Hudson Mills versus another 20 on Poto. We are also registered for the Oak Openings Stampede 25K trail race on the 16th.  It will make a good taper run prior to the 50K.

I am trying to find a late November or early December marathon or 50K that wouldn't be too far to travel to.  maybe a couple hour drive max.  Any recommendations??  Here is what my race schedule looks like as of now.

9-16: 25K
9-22: 50K
9-30: half marathon
10-21: marathon
11-3: 5K
11-22: 10K