Monday, May 21, 2012

I ran! And another BQ!!

After my whining about not running and probably not being able to run until after the baby is born, I managed 4.25 miles yesterday.  Was it slow?  You betcha!  but I ran. and it felt so good.  I was using the AMT machine for the past week so I was able to get in some cardio.  Saturday I spent 1 hour on it and then lifted for biceps and back.  Sunday I was so inspired by my dad and other running friends running a marathon in the sunny, hot weather that I decided to take it to the treadmill and see if I could run.  I managed 4.25 miles of running and walking in 1 hour.  That is very slow, but considering it had been 12 days since I ran and I am over 37 weeks pregnant, I was ecstatic!!   I had such a runners high!  I have missed running so much.  I also lifted for shoulders, triceps and chest after my run.  Needless to say, I am sore today!!  It's a good sore though.

Not only did I have a good Sunday run, but so did my dad.  He ran The Qualifier marathon and BQ-ed!!!  I am so happy!  His only reason for running this marathon was to BQ so that he could run Boston 2013 with me.  It wasn't easy either.  The temps were high, the sun was shining, it was on long & boring stretches of road without any shade.  He started out with the 3:25 pace group and felt good through the first 15 miles but figured maybe he should slow it down a bit.  he was worried he would tank and not get his BQ.  good thing he did, because once he hit mile 18, things got ugly.  But in the end, he pulled it off.  He needed a 3:40 for his age to BQ and finished in 3:35:48.  So now we just have to keep out fingers crossed that it will be enough to get in.

Friday, May 18, 2012

lack luster blog

I wish I had something fun to post about but I don't.  I've been sick for about 11 days and have only ran once during that time.  I had one trip to the gym where I used the AMT machine & did some weight lifting and two power walks.  All were hard.  It is a combination of my horrible cold and the discomfort I have been feeling.  I really hoped to be able to say I ran up until I delivered, but now I am not so sure that will happen.  I will give it a shot tomorrow or Sunday, very slow & very easy!!  I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow so I should be happy I can do any form of exercise at this point.

On another note, a ton of running friends and my dad are running The Qualifier marathon this Sunday.  I really wanted to be there to cheer them on, but I am staying home.  I know a few, including my dad, are going after BQ's.  And wouldn't you know it, it's supposed to reach 83 degrees and high humidity that day.  My dad can't win!  First dealing w/ the awful conditions in Boston and deciding to run smart versus pushing for a BQ and now this.  One good thing is that the start times are no where near as late as Boston.  It starts at 7:30am, almost 3 hours earlier than Boston started so hopefully that will be a positive factor.  I want my dad to BQ so badly!  I can't run Boston next year without!  I mean, I will if I have to, but I would prefer him to be there too!!

Anyway, that's about it.  See, I told you I have nothing fun to post about.  I will leave you with this gem.  Taken Wednesday after a trip to the gym.  I am huge.  :-)