Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Red Eye Relay!

It's confirmed. We are signed up for the Red Eye Relay.  I am super excited as this is the first relay I have ever done.  Plus I think we have a fantastic team.  One just happens to be a sub-3 hour marathoner!!

Go here to check out the official Red Eye Relay site.

The RER takes place July 23-24 in Bloomington, IN.  There is a minimum of 2 person teams and a maximum of 7 people per team.  We originally planned on having a 5 person relay team, but one person backed out.  We've decided to stick with a 4 person team.  Myself and teammate Jason will be running a total of 25 miles each.  Dan will be running a total of 31 miles and Jaclyn will be running a total of 19 miles. 

We have a ton of race day logistics to work out still.  We will be able to review this memorial weekend since we all happen to be running in Traverse City that weekend!  Myself, Dan and Jason are running the marathon and Jaclyn is running the half marathon. 

If any one has ever participated in a 100 mile relay event, I would love to hear your advice on what to bring, what to do, what not to do, etc...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Complete; Week 12 & 13 of Marathon Training

Real quick, anyone read the RW Trail edition?  If so, did you happen to read the section of the top 25 trails in the U.S.?  Well, I have a trail half marathon on one of the trails listed in that article!  Very cool to see a trail in Michigan making the top 25. 


Here is how my last two weeks of marathon training have gone. 

*~* Week 12 *~*
Not a good week.  Sore legs, slower paces, no strength training - it was cut back week so I guess it all balances out.

Monday scheduled: 5 mile run
Monday actual: Rest Day, very sore quads

Tuesday scheduled: 5 mile run
Tuesday actual: another day off from running - quads still sore, P90X shoulders & Arms, P90X Ab Ripper

Wednesday scheduled: 5 mile run
Wednesday actual: 5.5 mile easy run 47:31 8:38 pace (sore left quad)

Thursday scheduled: rest day
Thursday actual: AM Run 5.5 miles 46:56 8:32 pace, PM Run 8 miles 64:00 8:00 pace, 13.5 miles total, push ups 4 x 10

Friday scheduled: 8 mile mgp run
Friday actual: 5 mile run 43:31 8:42 pace

Saturday scheduled: 13 mile run
Saturday actual: 13.05 mile trail run on the "Poto" 2:04:04 9:31 pace

Sunday scheduled: cross train
Sunday actual: lots of walking and tree planting on our property. 

Schedule Total Mileage: 36 miles
Actual Total Mileage: 37.05 miles
Weight: ?

*~* Week 13 *~*
Overall, a better week.  I got in more strength training & core work, did a couple speed work outs and had a successful 20 mile run. 

Monday scheduled: 5 mile run
Monday actual: 5.5 mile run treadmill @ 1% incline 45:57 8:21 pace, push ups 4 x 15, planks 4 x 1:30, various core exercises

Tuesday scheduled: 8 mile run
Tuesday actual: 6 miles Short Even Steven (work out found in RT) 49:01 8:10 pace, JM Yoga Meltdown

Wednesday scheduled: 5 mile run
Wednesday actual: 5.5 mile run treadmill @ 1% incline 43:59 7:59 pace, core work, planks 4 x 1:30, push ups, 6 x 15

Thursday scheduled: rest day
Thursday actual: 8.1 mile run (Even Steven WO in RT) 65:00 8:01 pace

Friday scheduled: 5 mile mgp run
Friday actual: rest

Saturday scheduled: 20 mile run
Saturday actual: 20 mile run in Toledo, OH  2:43:19 8:10 pace

Sunday scheduled: cross train
Sunday actual: 45 minutes Yogaworks Slim, JM 6 week 6 pack, push ups 7 x 15

Schedule Total Mileage: 43 miles
Actual Total Mileage: 45.10 miles
Weight: 123lbs

Friday, April 22, 2011

My first 20 mile run of 2011!

I am really, really looking forward to my 20 mile run Saturday morning.  Between spending the last two weekends of long runs on the trails and doing hills, plus all the Boston excitement through out the week, I am ready to tackle this distance.  This 20 mile run will be my best one yet.  I just know it.  After reading so many blog recaps about Boston, I am so motivated and ready to work hard to achieve my ultimate goal; to BQ on May 28th!

I will be meeting my dad around 8am and we will head down to Wildwood Park in Toledo, OH.  He is only running 18 miles, so I will do a couple loops along the paths in the park and hook up with dad 2 miles in.  The weather is looking to be nice too!  high 50's when we start with sunshine. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Marathon Madness

I got absolutely nothing accomplished at work yesterday.  All day I read news feeds from Boston, stalked the ones I knew running on the athlete tracker, checked facebook status, etc...  I even shed a tear or two of happiness.  What an exciting day and a great motivator!  Yesterday's events certainly has me even more fired up to train hard over these next 6 weeks so I can reach my ultimate goal; to qualify for Boston!


The 2nd place female finisher, Desiree Davila, lives about 40 minutes from my city and trains with Hanson's running group.  I knew she would be running Boston, but had no idea how well she would finish. Way to represent Michigan Desiree!

As for the men, well, I am speechless.  It seems un-human like to be able to run that fast for 26.2 miles!  So incredible and fascinating to watch.


Check out these fabulous bloggers who ran the Boston Marathon!

Stephanie, who ran her 50th state yesterday and 59th marathon.
Christine, first time Boston marathoner and I am 100% positive it won't be her last.
Sarah, ran the Gansett marathon Saturday and Boston on Monday.
Jim, running 50 marathons after turning 40 years old.
Cate, who ran her first Boston 20 weeks pregnant.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rest is Best and other ramblings

After 2 days off from running, I am feeling much better!  My left quad is still a little sore, but it's tolerable. Best part is that I can actually sit down to use the bathroom without having to use my arms to lower myself and push myself up again! 

I ran this morning too!  It was a slow, rough start but by the end, I was feeling good.  I ran 5.5 miles in 47:31 at an 8:38 pace.  Nothing to write home about, but I ran and that alone makes me happy.  I may even run again tonight.  As of today, I am 5 miles behind for my training this week.  I must get this mileage in and its gorgeous outside so I may as well take advantage of the weather too.  I plan to keep a conservative pace.   Hopefully by tomorrow I can do those mile repeats I have been eager to attack!

I am meeting my dad this Saturday to run Potawatomi Trail...again.  Here's to hoping that these 13 miles won't hurt as bad as the last 18!  It's my only chance to hit this trail again before the trail half marathon on May 1st.  Last year I got 3-4 runs in on this trail, so I am not so sure how well I will do.  My time last year was 2:03 and I would love to break 2 hours.  Funny how different pace & time is from running a road half and a trail half.  My last road half was 1:37:45 and here I am hoping to break 2 hours.  Guess that tells you how difficult trail running can be.

Boston is in 5 days!  I can't wait to see how Ryan Hall and Kara Goucher do.   There are a few from the blogging world I will be sending running vibes to that day as well.  

Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 11 completed and taking a beating

Ouch!  I hurt.  I can barely walk.  My legs are fried.

I met my dad yesterday for our 18 mile run.  We decided to get some training in on the Potawatomi trail since we have a half marathon on this trail May 1st.  We split the 18 mile run into two segments.  The first was 10.85 mile route on the trail, a quick stop at the car to change socks & shoes and head out of the park to run hills for another 7.29 miles. 

The Potawatomi trail is one of the most technical trails in the state of Michigan.  It's know for its rough terrain and being the "granddaddy" of trails in Southeastern Michigan.  The Poto is mostly hills, with sandy areas, rocky paths, exposed tree roots on the trail, you name it.  Unless you have experienced this trail yourself, a person will never know the true level of difficulty the trail is!   Today I am respecting the trail more than ever.  My legs are toast.  Dad said this would probably be the hardest work out I will have during my marathon training and boy, was he right! 

I am just hoping my legs feel better by tomorrow so I can tackle week 12.  This killer could not have come at a better time; it's cut back week!  I have three 5 milers (which I will probably add a couple extra miles here and there), one 8 mgp run and a 13 mile long-ish run.  Our 13 mile long run will be back out on the Poto.  I am sure I won't feel the bad some next week.  At least I hope not! 

Here is how last weeks training went.  I was far too conservative with my pace this week.  I have tempo runs and mile repeats on my agenda for week 12.

Monday scheduled: 5 mile run
Monday actual: 5.5 miles treadmill; 46:50 8:30 pace

Tuesday scheduled: 8 mile run
Tuesday actual: 8 mile run treadmill jog/tempo/push work out; 66:06 8:15 pace, JM 6 week 6 pack, push ups 4 x 15, planks 4 x 1 minute

Wednesday scheduled: 5 mile run
Wednesday actual: 5.25 miles run treadmill; 43:50 8:20 pace, push ups 3 x 15

Thursday scheduled: rest day
Thursday actual: 5.25 mile run - hills on treadmill, push ups 3 x 15, planks 4 x 1 minute, core work

Friday scheduled: 8 mile run
Friday actual: 6 miles run treadmill 50:20 8:23 pace

Saturday scheduled: 18 mile run
Saturday actual: cross train; strength training for biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, chest, core work

Sunday scheduled: cross train
Sunday actual: 18.14 mile run trail & road;  10.85 miles Potawatomi trail 1:42 9:24 pace, 7.29 mile run w/ hills 1:03:07 8:39 pace.  Total running time 2:45:07

Schedule Total Mileage: 44 miles
Actual Total Mileage: 48.14 miles
Weight: 122lbs

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Martian Half Marathon - adjusted results

If you read my previous post, you would have learned that the half marathon I ran on Saturday was actually 13.40 miles long.  The timing company was quick to acknowledge this issue and notified us that they would adjust the time accordingly so we would have our accurate 13.1 finish time. 

The updated results are posted here and I learned that I just missed my PR by 14 seconds!!  My official finish time for 13.1 miles would have been 1:37:45, 7:28 pace!  My results for the actual course length of 13.40 is 1:40:10, 7:29 pace.  I ran a half PR on March 20th with a finish time of 1:37:31.  So close!!

I was satisfied with my results, but this makes me extremely happy to know that within 2 weeks of each other, I was able to bust out a sub 1:38 half.  I am really starting to see the results of my hard work.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Martian Half Marathon Race Results

First let me start by giving a HUGE shout out to Morgan of cautionredheadrunning for organizing the blogger meet up and putting together an awesome swag bag!  You rock!  Even with injury you still came to support us while rocking your fabulous be-dazzled crutches.  Thanks again! 

I think they should change the name to Martian Half Marathon + .30 miles.  The course was officially longer, so all those who thought their Garmins were wrong, they were not.  The race directors posted the results for 13.40 so I ended up meeting my goal and running a sub 1:40 half.  Yay! 

Guess I should start the beginning. 

I arrived early so I could park and meet Morgan and the rest of the bloggers at the meeting spot by 7:45am.  I parked about a half mile from the start and ran to the meeting spot.  It was a chilly morning but I could not complain.  They originally called for rain/snow.  Instead it was about 32 degrees and dry!   Anyway, it was very easy to spot Morgan.  Not only did she have a sign but she had some pretty crutches and balloons.  What a rock star she is.  Injury and all, she still came out to support us and even put together a fun swag bag that included a bondi band and Arctic ease!  Sweetness!! 

I also got to meet and chat with Jessie of Live~Love~Run, Nicole of runnernic, Jen of solitudestew and many others whom I am forgetting.  (I will add them to this post as I remember so you can check out all of these fabulous blogs) I made a run back to the car to drop off my stuff and get ready for the race.  With the run to and from my car I was able to get in about a mile warm up.  I could have used more as I was pretty darn cold.

I was pretty much on my own from the start so I ended up popping in my ear buds and listening to music.  At the 8 mile mark is where I noticed that my Garmin read 8.40 miles.  I thought to myself "dang, I must be all over the place today".  At mile 12 I took out my ear buds so I could hear the spectators at the finish shoot.  When I crossed the finish line the time was 1:40:10. Not bad.  I wanted to break a 1:40 half but was satisfied with this time. 

I received my medal, I saw a friend from the Y.  He asked how I did and pointed out that the course was long.  So it wasn't just me!  As I spoke with more runners, everyone had 13.40.  I really had broke 1:40 like I set out to do.

As I was standing around by the finish line watching more finishers come in, I got to see Steph of Steph's 50 marathon challenge finish the marathon.  What a crazy marathoner and strong runner this woman is!  We chatted for a bit and I learned she had to run a few extra miles too.  So we ran them together.  I must admit, this is one of the highlights of my day!  I have been following her blog and her marathon journey for a while now so having the opportunity to run with her was so exciting!  I am sure she felt like she was on an interview.  I asked about her training, what she eats, how she balances training & work, when she started running, etc...  Sorry about that Steph!! 

I ended up hanging around the finish area with Steph waiting for her mom to finish.  We also discovered that we both had placed.  She, being 1st in her age group for the marathon and me being 5th in my age group for the half marathon. 

We snagged these cool martini glasses.

All in all, it was a successful event!  I got to meet some wonderful ladies from the blogging community, saw a friend from high school run his first half and chatted with the infamous Steph!  It was a good day.

Official Results:
Time:  1:40:10 - 13.40 miles
Pace:  7:29 pace
AG Place: 5th/189
Overall: 171/1836

And here are a couple photos from the day. 

Jessie & I before the race (She looks great, I look sleepy). 

"borrowed" from a web site ;-)  heading towards the finish line

March Stats and Week 10 Complete

Monday scheduled: 4 mile run
Monday actual: 5 mile run on treadmill 1% incline w/ 8 x 400's 7:57 OA pace

Tuesday scheduled: 8 mile run
Tuesday actual: 8.11 mile run outside 1:01:57 7:39 pace, push ups 3 x 15

Wednesday scheduled: 4 mile run
Wednesday actual: 4 mile run 33:27 8:21 pace, upper body lifting, core work, push ups

Thursday scheduled: rest day
Thursday actual: 8 mile run on treadmill 1:05:47 8:13 pace, push ups 3 x 10

Friday scheduled: 8 mile mgp
Friday actual: rest day

Saturday scheduled: 17 mile run
Saturday actual: Martian Half Marathon 13.40 (yes, the course was long!) 1:40:10 7:29 pace, .83 w/u 7:21, 4 mile c/d 35:24 8:51 pace, 18.32 total miles

Sunday scheduled: cross train
Sunday actual: 25 minutes AMT/stair step setting 20% resistance, upper body lifting, core work, push ups 4 x 10

Schedule Total Mileage: 41 miles
Actual Total Mileage: 43.43 miles
Weight: 121lbs

~~~~~~~~~~March Stats~~~~~~~~~~~~~
March Miles: 175.73
March Strength Training: 15 days

Friday, April 1, 2011

Martian Races and Mother Nature

Tomorrow is the Martian Invasion of Races and blogger meet up!  I am very excited to finally meet some of these fabulous bloggers that I follow.  Not only are we meeting prior the the race, but we are having brunch/lunch afterwards.  I have to make sure I remember to pack my camera!

I am also hoping that Mother Nature is playing a very cruel joke on us and that it will actually be 50 degrees and sunny tomorrow morning.  As of now, the weather channel is saying 36 degrees and snow.  really?  It's April!  I am so ready to retire my running tights, gloves and other cold weather gear until next winter. 

I also decided how to get my additional mileage in.  Being that it will be a balmy 36 degrees (weather says "feels like 31"), I will run a 2 mile warm up prior to the race and 2 miles cool down after the race.