Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Swim Class

I am still alive.  Boston training has not killed me.  Well, not yet anyway.  We'll see in a week and a half when I run my 1 of 2 VERY hilly 20 milers out in A2 (aka Ann Arbor).  Right now, I am averaging just under 50 miles a week with a "hill" work out and/or speed work once a week.  I am also doing my best to make time for strength and core work 2-3 times a week. Usually that consists of lots of planks and push ups.

Speaking of different forms of exercise other than running, I am taking a swim class.  OTHER FORMS OF EXERCISE??  NO WAY!!  That is my thought exactly.

Seriously though, my husband and I signed up for an advanced adult swim class that begins tomorrow and runs for 7 weeks.  Two of our friends take this class year around at our local YMCA.  They really enjoy the class and recommended it since Chris wants to complete a triathlon.  I, on the other hand, just know swimming is good for the body but never have done it.  Not in a lap pool.  I am more of a "lay by the lake or on a beach in a bikini w/ tropical drink in hand and frolic in the water to cool off" kind of gal.  We trust their opinion since Dave has completed multiple Ironman triathlons (he's one of my early morning 5am running partners) and Nell (his girlfriend) have taken the class with him and says it has helped her tremendously.  She recently registered for Ironman AZ.  It will be her first. 

Anyway, I had to buy a one piece swimsuit.  Oh my goodness.  These are the ugliest pieces of clothing I have ever put on my body.  Not one single suit was semi-flattering.  Luckily I was able to find a plain black one that fit.  It's still super ugly on.  I had to go fun with my cap and goggles.  I ended up with a bright pink cap and pink goggles.  I'll make sure to take a photo when I dress for class tomorrow evening.  I hope to learn good form and I hope I enjoy it enough to add one day a week of swimming to my training.  We shall see.... Hopefully I don't drown.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Riverview Winter Fest 4 Mile race results

A new PR!!  I not only PR-ed but achieved my new 4 mile race PR on tired legs from a brutal & cold 16.30 mile trail run the day before!! 

Finish Time: 28:18
Pace: 7:05
Age Group Place: 3/23
Overall: 48/352

A photo before the race with a couple good friends of ours;

me, Chris, Dave & Nell

Monday, February 4, 2013

Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave Inspire 9

Last year I received an invitation to the Mizuno Mezamashii Run Project.  With this invitation, I was able to pick out a free pair of Mizuno running shoes.  I contacted a Mizuno shoe "specialist" to ensure I chose the right shoe for my foot.  I ended up choosing the Wave Inspire 8 since the shoe comes in narrow width, for my narrow foot and is for those with mild over-pronation.  I had placed my order in July 2012 and was told they should arrive in October.  Due to my feet requiring a 2A width, they were on back order.  When they arrived in November (ended up on back order a little longer than they thought they would be), I was extremely surprised to see that I received the new version of this shoe; Wave Inspire 9.  What really made me happy when opening the box was the color.  Being a person who requires a narrow width shoe, I never have the option of choosing a shoe in a bright & fun color scheme.  I've been running in Brooks Adrenaline's in a 2A width and year after year they are boring white & blue.  The Mizuno's do not disappoint with their choice of color for a narrow shoe wearer!

Now I tried Mizuno running shoes in the past (Wave Inspire 6's I believe) but ended up returning them in exchange for my trusty Brooks.  So you can say I was a little apprehensive on whether or not I would enjoy this shoe.  I must say, I do like them.  They have a nice, snug fit and are light weight (8.3oz!!).  I have one issue and that is the fit of the shoe on my left foot.  The inside seems to sit up a bit higher than my right foot and causes a bit of discomfort.  I circled the area I am referring to in the below photo.


What is weird about this, is that the right shoe fits without having this issue.  I am not sure if is a manufacturing defect or just my feet?  Since they were free, I didn't want to call Mizuno and ask to exchange them.  I have been adding them into my shoe rotation and will continue to do so until they can no longer handle any more miles.  I usually wear them for short runs, no more than 7 miles, but wanted to test them out on a longer run.  I ran 14.40 miles in them yesterday and they felt good.  I do not think it was a good assessment though since I ran them in the snow.  I'll give them another shot on my next road long run. 
Would I recommend these to someone who requires a narrow fit with stability?  Absolutely.