Monday, March 26, 2012

Rock CF Race Results

Sunday was the 2nd running of the Rock CF Half Marathon & 5K on Grosse Ile.  I ran this race last year (it's inaugural year) and this course is where I hold my current half PR (1:37).  I knew this years race would be even bigger than last year.  There were about 1600 runners, 500 more than last year.  They changed the course slightly, had nicer shirts and sweet medals!   Chris had originally trained for this to be his first half marathon but after a bone contusion in his foot left him sidelined for 8 weeks, running this was dicey.  In the end, he decided that since I am pregnant and require multiple port-a-potty and walk breaks, he could do.  And he did.  He ran by my side the entire time!

It was such a great day for my last race while being pregnant.  So many of my running friends were there, my dad ran the half (and PR-ed w/ a 1:33!!), my mom & aunt walked the 5K, I had such awesome support from fellow runners & spectators out on the course and even received 2 medals when I crossed the finish line; one for me and one for baby!  I got to meet Katie from Runs for Cookies.  Thanks for introducing yourself and congrats on the PR!  I also got to see Rose from Hacker Half Marathon that I met last year at this same race.  Again, congrats to you too on the PR.  I swear, yesterday was the day of PR's. 

The was another PR for me too; my slowest half marathon ever!  LOL!!  It was also race #7 to add to baby's pre-birth racing list/my pregnancy racing list.  Am I sad that racing is over until after I give birth?  Absolutely.  I love running races, even if I am not technically "racing" them.  I love being surrounded by others who have a passion for the same thing I do; running!!  But I also know it's now time to cut back.   

Here are my official results and a few pictures.

Finish Time: 2:11:04
Pace: 10:00
A/G Place: 45/75
Chris, baby and I finishing the half!  :-)

 After the race w/ my 2 medals; one for me & one for baby!

a profile shot of the baby bump.  all smiles!

Chris and I getting our picture taken

a handful of my running friends! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Baby's got another race

Or should I call it a run?  I am technically not racing. 

Anyway, this Sunday is the 2nd running of the Rock CF Half Marathon.  This also happens to be the same course that I hold my current half PR (1:37:31).  I will be lucky if I can complete the half in 2 hours.  My, how things have changed in a year.  I am really looking forward to this event.  There will be so many people that I know from the running community running this race.  And I get to add another race to the baby's list!

Unfortunately, Chris will not be running. After taking 7 weeks off due to a bone contusion, he just started running again last week.  I was hoping he would be healed enough to at least keep my company on the course, but he's making the right decision to not run it at all.  He'll get a shirt out of the deal and the money goes to a good cause!

As I mentioned, I get to add another race to the baby's list.  So far she has participated in a trail ultra, a marathon, a 10K, 2-4 mile races, a 5K and now a half marathon.  This will probably be her last race before she arrives.  That is, until I get the OK from the pediatrician to start running her in the jogging stroller, then she will be back at it. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

As I suspected...

Thank you for your email and congratulations on the arrival of your little one.

As of our 2011 Boston Marathon registration the BAA no longer offers deferments for any reason.

Each year, many entrants of the Boston Marathon become unable to participate on race day for various and valid reasons. Due to the high demand for participation in our race, the BAA realized that we could no longer reserve spaces in future events for those who became unable to run. For the past two years, therefore, we have asked registrants to acknowledge their understanding of the no-deferment policy as part of our registration process, which we see you have done.

If you would like a friend to pick up your race packet you simply need to sign your number pick up card, enter your friends name and then have them visit us at the solution center of the runners expo with their photo ID.

We wish you good health and the best of luck in your future running endeavors.


BAA Registration Office
One Ash Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748
Please reply to for further questions or comments.


I hope my dad is ready to help me go sub-3:30 once I bounce back from having this baby!  I may not be running Boston this year, but I will get to Bean Town! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cork Town 5K Results

Sunday March 11th, I ran an extremely popular 5K race in Detroit; The Cork Town 5K.  This event is held every year just hours before the annual St. Patrick's Day parade.   I believe this years event capped out at over 7600+ runners.  That is a lot of people and a lot of green!  It was a beautiful day for the race.  Warm & Sunny!!  I was a little nervous about this race.  Not because of my time, I wasn't planning to run hard.  But because of the large crowd and the uneven road.  Everything went smoothly.  No one knocked me over, I saw a fellow blogger/runner friend Jen running an amazing post injury race and I stayed well below my goal time of 30 minutes.  That makes me laugh.  Here I was last year trying for a 20 minute 5k and this year I am hoping to just stay under 30 miles. 

Official Results:
Finish Time: 28:33
Pace: 9:13
A/G Place: 176/836
Overall Place: 2,500/7,654

Donna, Jeff & I prior to the race (we decided to sport the Tigers gear)

Donna & I running a couple warm up miles

Post race with a few of my fellow running friends

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pulling out of Boston

It's official, all the hard work I have put in over the past 2 years to qualify and run Boston will not be paying off in the end.  I will be pulling out of the Boston Marathon.

My only question is, how do I do so?  Do I just email the BAA telling them I am pulling out of the race and request them to send me my shirt?  I know I do not get my bib, but for a $150 registration fee, I think I deserve my shirt!  My brother in-law told me to ask them if I can deferre but I already saw under the FAQ's that as of 2011, they no longer deferre registrations to the following year. 

I've never had to pull out of a race before, especially one of this caliber, so I am not 100% certian how to go about it.