Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Week 6, Day 3 (and an update about yesterdays work out)

I ended up running the track at my gym last night. I had to get my mileage in but I also wanted to lift weights. I ran 3.5 miles and lifted for biceps & triceps. Running the track was quite different. I have not ran the track in months! I had a good weight lifting work out and have sore arms to prove it! I also added 60 push ups and some abs while watching my favorite show; Deadliest Catch.

Today Hal has me running 5 miles but I have a 6.28 mile route mapped out. I also intend to do core work when I get back from my run. The husband and the son are both gone, so I am taking full advantage of only having to worry about myself. That means I can eat when I want and work out as long as I want. Yay!

I've been awfully hungry today. I am going to eat an apple and a granola bar so I have some running fuel in my system. It's one thing to run on an empty stomach, it's another to be starving!

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