Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Challenge Complete!

After giving myself 3 days to recover from the Marathon on May 28th, I set myself up for a new goal; to run everyday in the month of June.  Today is June 30th and I have run 30 days straight.

Total Mileage..... 191.33!  So close to 200 miles.  Kind of bummed that I did not reach 200.  I should have kept better track of where I stood on my total distance. 

Next up, preparing for the Red Eye Relay w/ 2 long runs, recovery runs and 2 two-a-days each week for the next 3 weeks!

Monday, June 27, 2011

What I've been up to and I'm a winner!

I won my first give-a-way!  Thanks to Detroit Runner, I won a sample of Gu Brew.  I am a loyal Hammer Heed drinker and won't touch Gatorade, but I have heard great things about Gu Brew.  I've been using heed for most of my longer runs (10-13 miles).  I look forward to testing out the Gu Brew on my 10-12 mile run this weekend.  And for those who do not follow Detroit Runner, you need to!  You can check out his blog here.  Thanks again Jeff!

My race schedule has been bare since the marathon and will remain that way until the Red Eye Relay July 23rd & 24th.  Being the obsessive runner that I am, I can not just sit back and do nothing.  I must have goals.  I must be training.  So I challenged for myself for the month of June... run everyday.  It's now the 27th of June and I have ran 27 days straight with last week topping out at 52 miles for the week.  I am also doing mid-week double digit runs (usually around 10 miles on Wednesdays) and have started running with a small group 3-4 mornings per week.  I will take July 1st off as a rest day after completing my challenge but will dive right back in on the 2nd.  Then I plan on adding 2 two-a-day work outs to get ready for the relay.  I already have a bunch of goals and challenges for myself for the rest of the year including making August a 200 mile month. 

So that is what I have been up to.  No races, but still running... a lot! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My your soul rest in peace Aunt Delores.

As some of you may know, my aunt and uncle are pretty popular amongst the Michigan running community.  Harrison & Dolores Hensley have been heavily involved in running events for many years, until late 2008 when aunt Dolores suffered a stroke.  Uncle Harrison cancelled the race for 2009 and it has not been held since.  In October 2010, Chuck Block of Running Foundation, along with my uncle Harrison's assistance, put on the Run thru Hell on Halloween.  It was to raise funds to provide a wheel chair accessible van so Dolores could begin doing what she loved; traveling to running events.  The turn out for this event was amazing!

It brings me great sadness to inform you that Dolores Hensley, my aunt, passed away yesterday at 2pm.  She was loved by so many runners across the state.  You may have seen her working the registration table on an early Saturday morning, taking your timing tag/chip as you crossed the finish line or handing you a water. 

Please mark your calendars for August 13.  The once famous Run thru Hell race will be taking place!  Not only will this help my uncle deal with the lose of his wife, but it's a great way to honor Dolores' memory.

Here is a great article published in the December 2008 issue of Michigan Runner on aunt Dolores.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hard Fall

I took my first spill on the concrete while out for a run.  I've fallen twice in the past while out running, but it's always been on the trail.  Yesterday was my first experience of what it feels like falling on the concrete.  It hurts, so I wouldn't try it if I were you. 

Let me start at the beginning. 

Sunday was the perfect morning for a run.  Sunny, cool temps, light breeze, perfect!  I laced up my shoes and headed out the door.  At the last minute, I decided to slip on a sweatband on my wrist/under my Garmin. I've never used a sweat band under my Garmin so I have no idea what made me decide to do so.  Anyway, I hit the road at an easy pace.  I decided to not pay attention to my pace, just use my Garmin so I know how far I am going/have gone.  I was about half a mile from home when it happened.  I tripped over someones hose that was laying across the sidewalk and fell to the concrete.  As I was coming down, I tried hard to avoid a fairly large rock the home owner had placed at the corner of their lawn where the driveway, lawn and sidewalk meet.  I came down on my left side on the rock, managing to clip my left knee on it and take the brunt of the fall on my right knee on the sidewalk.  I sat up, looked around, looked down and my knees and noticed the blood.  I quickly took off my Garmin and held the sweatband against the open wound.  I stood up and began to hobble home.  I was across the street from the high school and noticed a fee cars parked at the football field/weight room/locker room.  I started across the street when I spotted a friend or ours, Sam.  He's one of the high school football coaches.  I shouted his name and hobbled as fast as I could over to him.  I asked if he had any bandages and showed him my knees.  He opened the bed of his truck and had me is there while he went looking for something to tape me up with.  Unfortunately he did not have a first aide kit.  He had a few band aides and football tape though!  So he put a band aide on the cut and placed football tape over it.  He said I should be ok to run, so I made the decision to head back out.  I ended up running 2.5 miles in 24-ish minutes.  The tape was coming off so I had to go home.  I stopped home, showed Chris what had happened, cleaned up my cuts and headed back out for another 2.1 miles.  After my run, I immediately began icing my right knee.  At this point, it's now severely swollen.  I applied a bandage to the cut, covered it with an ace bandage and went to the gym to lift weights.  I was not going to let it ruin my work out plans for the day.  :-)

I made sure to ice my right knee off and on all day.  As for my cut left knee, Chris cleaned the wound with peroxide and antibiotic ointment to it after we returned for our work out.  I let it stay under covered until bed.  I applied more ointment and covered it with a band aide.

I woke up this morning feel much better than I had anticipated.  My right knee is still swollen, bruised and a little stiff.  The cut on my left knee looks like it has improved as well.   I plan to go for an easy run tonight after work to test out my knees.  I think I may be fine just as long as I keep it to an easy pace.  I want to be able to stay with my goal of running everyday for the month of June.  I will be so disappointed if I I have to take a couple days off.  Wish me luck!

Here are a couple pictures of my knees.  The cut doesn't look all that bad in the photos.

My Right knee:

My left knee:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Running plans, race photos and such

It's been 11 days since the marathon and after resting for 3 days (May 29-31), I have run everyday since then.  I was originally going to find a race to run at the end of June but have decided to go race free until the relay July 23-24.  Instead I have given myself a 30 day challenge of running everyday for the month of June. Each run counts as long as it's at least 3 miles or more.  Since this will be the longest break between races, this gives me something to do/look forward to accomplishing.  Then come July 1st, it will be upping my mileage and adding 2 two-a-days each week in preparation for the relay. 

Here is a link to the marathon photos. Although they did turn out ok, none compare to this photo.  I don't think any ever will!

So, here is my race calendar for the rest of the year, give or take a race or two. I'd also like to try breaking 20 minutes in a 5K! 

July 23-24th: Red Eye Relay 100 miles - 4 person team
July 30th: Grayling 10K
August 13th: Run Thru Hell 10 Mile Race
August 20th: Somerset Stampede Half Marathon
September 24th: Dance with Dirt 50K
October 16th: Detroit Marathon
November 24th: Detroit Turkey Trot 10K

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Completed: Marathon Training!! and May Stats

Because I can't forget to post about my last week of training!

Monday scheduled: 3 mile run
Monday actual:  3.5 mile easy run on Treadmill 1% incline 30:36 8:44 pace

Tuesday scheduled: 4 mile run
Tuesday actual: 4.11 mile run early morning around the neighborhood 32:41 7:57 pace, 6 pack ab burn, 10 minute buns & thigh work out, core work, push ups 5 x 15

Wednesday scheduled: rest day
Wednesday actual: rest day

Thursday scheduled: rest day
Thursday actual: 3.10 mile easy run treadmill 26:45 8:36 pace

Friday scheduled: 2 mile run 
Friday actual: rest day, walk around downtown Traverse City

Saturday scheduled: Race Day!
Saturday actual: Bayshore Marathon 26.2, 3:28:59 7:59 pace, new PR, BQ and 11th out of 117 in my age group!!

Sunday scheduled: rest day
Sunday actual: rest day

Schedule Total Mileage: 35.20 miles
Actual Total Mileage: 37.01 miles
Weight: ?

~~~~~~~~May Stats~~~~~~~~~~

May Mileage: 160.46 miles
May Strength Training: 12 days