Monday, July 6, 2009

Week 4, Day 1

Well, here I am. Going into week 4 of my marathon training program. Of course, Mondays are always a rest day but after the weekend I had, I fully intend to do full body strength training and the form of 1 hour of pilates. Then it's back to hitting the pavement.

I had a few great runs over the weekend. I ran 24+ miles in 4 days on terrain that had a lot of hills!! Thursday I ran roughly 7 miles, Friday I ran close to 5 miles, Saturday I ran 9 miles and Sunday I ran 3 miles. Each time I headed out I felt great, except for Sunday. I decided to run at 6pm after laying in the sun by the lake for 6.5 hours. So I was hot, slightly burnt, hungry, tired but had to get a run in.

And I just signed up Bethany, my sister in-law, for her first ever half marathon! She will be running the Detroit Free Press half. This was my first half and I had so much fun running it. I really hope she enjoys it too.

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