Wednesday, January 20, 2010

5 refreshing miles!

That sums up my run last night. I have been, what you could call, a baby when it comes to the cold. I have not run outdoors since November 26th. All of my running has been indoors on the track or treadmill at the stuffy gym. That is, until last night. I headed out right after work and boy am I ever glad that I did. it felt great to have the cool air on my skin and in my lungs. I carried my mace with me, just in case. I am not a big fan of running outside in the dark by myself. but last night I could have kept going, and going, and going! I stopped at 5 miles though. I didn't pace myself, but I know by looking at the clock before heading out and when I returned, I had an estimated 8 minute mile.

I can't wait to head back outside for a run tomorrow and Saturday morning!

1 comment:

  1. Good for you for getting back out there. It was hard for me the first time to hit the treadmill after 11 months of running outdoors. I save the treadmill for extreme weather days. My coldest run so far was Christmas Eve when it was 15 degrees out before windchill factored in. Keep it up.