Friday, January 22, 2010

Slow and steady, or crawling?

Not sure which to use on last nights first 2.5 miles of my 6.10 mile run.

The husband decided he wanted to run with me. Great!! I had a reason to run at a slower pace then I would had I went out on my own. I was actually looking forward to 'slacking off'. That is, until we got out on the pavement. OMG, seriously? This slow? I let the husband pace us since we both know I am the faster runner. He hates when we run together and I just take off. Staying with him for 2.5 miles was torture. I tried to be sympathetic since I knew his shins were bothering him, but I still ended up going ahead of him and then slowing back down for him to catch up. At 2.5 miles he cut it short and headed home and I continued on at a much faster pace for another 3.5 miles.

I start half marathon training on the 1st. I am using the intermediate program and super excited about it. I will make sure that the husband is only allowed to come with me on easy run days!!!

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  1. As a spouse of a running husband much faster than me I do appreciate it when he slows to a crawl for me. :-)