Thursday, April 29, 2010

A great email from the Trail Marathon/Half Marathon cooridnators

Trail Marathon Weekend

Yo Dirt Runners,

'Twas a fine day in the woods, nary a wimp in sight! By now the wounds should be healing and the soreness subsiding, savor the pain, you worked hard to feel this bad! As we heard from many a runner, that course is relentless, hill after hill till the end. Would you want it any other way? Unlike a road race with P.R.s on the line, the trail offers a challenge that gets down to basics, where ego plays no roll, freeing our souls to run as one with the earth. The runners who hit the trail are a special breed, seeing you out there restores our faith in humanity.

The faithful crew here at Running Fit thanks you for your support of our stores and events. Because of your passion, we are living out our dreams.

We offer thanks to our awesome volunteers that gave up their time to make this run possible. We also thank Brooks shoes for their financial support ... and for giving us the Brooks Cascadia, the number one selling trail shoe in the world ... Because it rocks!

You all are officially qualified for the Serious Series, and a chance to earn the Series Finisher Pint Glass! Enter Flirt With Dirt quickly though, it will sell out, perhaps this week. Enter at www.runflirt.comand www.runlegend.comto complete the series.

Brag about your weekend by finding your photo at by name or bib #) and download a finisher's certificate at

Thanks for laying down some of your hard earned money and scarce free time on our little run in the woods!

Enjoy every step,
Your Faithful Race Crew at Running Fit

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  1. You better sign up for the next race you don't want to miss out on your pint glass! I totally need to do a trail run! yOu have inspired us all to jump on the dirt bandwagon!