Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A good run with the husband.

I took him out for a 6 mile run last night. Last time we ran together was 2 weeks ago. At that time, we ran 7 miles at a 9:37 pace. That is slow for me, but I was fine with it because I was out with Chris and helping him improve his form. Anyway, last night we headed out for 6 miles. Unfortunately, a half mile in his left shin started to hurt. I suggested that we stop so he can stretch it. I really didn't think it was a good idea to run the 6 Mile route I had mapped for us, but after 2 miles, Chris said he felt good and wanted to continue on.

I was pacing him to run a 9 minute mile. Of course, he had no idea I was doing this. lol he did mention a couple times that he felt like we were running faster. I just blew it off. I did not want to admit to him that I was pushing him harder then he wanted. We ended up finishing 6.02 miles in 54:14 which made for a 9:02 pace. I was very proud of him! He was able to hang on and really push hard at the end. Next week I plan to take him out for another 6-7 mile run. This time his goal pace will be 8:55.

This was a nice and easy run for me. A good follow up to my 5 miles I ran on Tuesday. I hit the pavement pretty hard and ran my 5 mile route in 37:48, 7:33 pace. I am starting to see improvement in my speed. This is very encouraging! When I have a fast run, I start to think that I really can train myself to meet my marathon goal this fall. I am growing the confidence that I need!


  1. I kinda did that with my hubby last night too... except in reverse. He runs significantly faster than me (7 min miles compared to my 11 min miles). We decided to run up to our neighborhood gym about a mile away. He decided it'd be fun to run "with" me and push my butt closer towards the 9s. I was DEAD at the end!

  2. I ran with the hubs last night too! He used to be much faster than me, now I am faster than him. He told me he needed a new pair of running shoes. I think I'll go buy him some new shorts and a shirt, maybe that will motivate him to run more!

  3. I'm glad your run with Chris went well!

    I have been trying to get my Chris out with me to run more often. He is much faster than me on short runs (I am the faster one on long runs) and I want to be able to chase him!

    - Brit

  4. I'm super jealous your husband whom i'm guessing is Chris runs w/ you.. My husband, who is also Chris, doesn't run. He has a jacked up ankle and it really bothers him after he run. like can't walk for a day or so. =(

    Good job on pushing him though! Sounds kinda fun!