Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mid-week Update

I planned a 7.07 mile route to run on Monday after work. Chris decided he wanted to try running the distance. He has not ran 7 miles since last summer. It was a slow run, but I was ok with that. I just wanted him to finish without having any shin pain. Which he did. So it was a success. We ran the loop in 1:08:06, 9:37 pace. Definitely my slowest run in a long time, but it was quality time with Chris!

I did head out yesterday to run on my own. I mapped out a 5.71 route to run. I was going for a hard, fast pace. I felt good at the end and added another loop up the block near my house for a total of 5.94 miles. Unfortunately, the wind was brutal for the first half of the run, so I didn't finish as quickly as I had hoped for. My time was 47:08, 7:56 pace. Not bad, but I was shooting for a 7:45 pace. I finished the night off with some core work too.

I have 3 miles scheduled for today, as well as upper body lifting.

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  1. You are super fast. I'll try to channel some of your speed this weekend... Keep training hard!