Saturday, April 10, 2010

Too much beer and a 10 mile trail run

Yesterday Chris and I headed downtown to watch the Detroit Tigers take on the Cleveland Indians at the opening day game. I told myself only 1 beer during the game. Period. We ended up getting downtown with enough time to hang out at one of our favorite sports bars prior to heading to the ballpark. I drank 2-22 ounce Miller Lites. Um, yeah talk about a buzz! I am not used to drinking anymore. We headed over to the ballpark and it was freezing! You know those little toy teeth that you wind up and the chatter repeatedly? That was me! During the 6th inning we had to leave. They were up 4-2, so we had the comfort of knowing we could make it back to our favorite sports bar and still be able to catch the rest of the game. Of course the place was packed, but we lucked out and scored a table. We both ordered a beer, and another, and another. My mom, step dad, brother and his girlfriend met us there when the game was over. At this point, I was buzzed and starving! Chris and I decided to share a pizza; Greek sausage and mushroom. I proceed to scarf down half a pie, covering each piece with loads of Franks hot sauce. Some of our friends from Chicago were in town for the game so they ended up meeting us at the bar. and again, I continued to drink more beer. What was I thinking? I had to be up the next day to meet my dad & his friend to run 10.5 miles on a brutal trail. Finally at 7:30pm we called it a night. I, again, made a horrible decision.

I ate Taco Bell...

I have not had any fast food in forever. I truly can not recall the last time I've touched any fast food, let alone craved it! I ended up in bed at 9pm feeling sick to my stomach knowing I had to be up early the next day to run. I made sure I took 2 aspirin (just in case) and drank a ton of water.

Well, I woke up today feeling good. Not great, just good. I had a slight headache but I got dressed, filled my travel mug with coffee, grabbed a clif bar & banana and made the 40 minute drive to meet my dad and Dave.

We hit the trail at about 8:45-9am and it felt great!! The first couple miles were rough, but fell into a comfortable pace and ended up having a great run. I managed to only trip once but was able to catch myself and not fall. We finished the 10.5 miles in 1:44, 12 minutes fast then we did last week.

Today is when I finally realized what trail running is. I made sure to constantly pay attention to my footing without worrying about my time. Trail running is not meant for speed. I get that now and will make sure I remind myself again and again leading up to the race.

I guess this is all kind of pointless. I am just glad that the multiple beers and nasty taco hell didn't affect me the way I thought it would. I figured I would puke at least once. But that didn't happen. I felt great! And we'll be doing it all over again next Saturday. This time, it will be 12-ish miles. One last big trail run before race day.

oh and how can not mention my new shoes. They arrived yesterday! I didn't wear them on the trail but fully intend to wear them tomorrow. It's supposed to be a strength training day, but an easy 3 miles won't hurt. I just have to put those new shoes on. My feet are going to be so happy.


  1. Haha...I've done this more times than I care to admit (consumed far too much beer and junky food the night before a run, that is). Glad you survived!

    What kind of shoes did you get? Trail shoes?

  2. Wow. That's a lot of beer! Lol. I am glad that you were still able to run.

    Remember: run first, beer second. I always chuckle at the beer chugging after races.

  3. Pizza & Taco Bell in the same day, the thought makes me shudder. I love me some pizza but I can't stomach Taco Bell anymore- When I was a kid we used to beg beg beg my mom to take us to Taco Bell when we would go shopping after church. It was on the way to the mall, my mom always made a gag face and said no... I never understood why, hello Taco bell is delish when you are 10.. now I know why.

    Glad you had a great run though! I would like to try trail running, just haven't found any trails yet!

  4. Nope, not trail shoes. I did not want to invest on trail shoes since I wasn't sure if I would actually enjoy it. I like it, but after the 25th it's all about road racing!

  5. Oh man, glad you survived TB - that's a feat alone! My H and buddies were also at opening day having too many beers. Pretty sure none of them were badass enough to wake up the next morning and run though.