Thursday, April 29, 2010

Watch-less Running

I have decided to leave the watch at home this week for all my runs. I've been spending so much time on training and working on my speed, that I have not had time to just enjoy a nice run in the spring weather. That is why I have made this week watch-less running week. No worrying out my pace, no worrying about my speed, just going out and enjoying the sounds, sites and smells of a spring day run.

For this week only!

Next week, I jump back into an intense 4 week half marathon training program. My first road half marathon is on June 6th and I have a set time I must beat! The next day, June 7th, is day one of marathon training. The next 5.5 months will be dedicated to running half marathons, running a couple short races (5K, 10K) and training for my October marathon.

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