Monday, March 24, 2014

Am I ready?

 I was feeling pretty discouraged all last week.  This winter has affected everyone's training.  I just don't feel like I've put in the work I need to be able to run the marathon I want to run.

Then Saturday happened, and I have a renewed sense of hope.

I headed out to Ann Arbor to run with my dad and some of my close running friends.  I live in the flat land and Ann Arbor offers tons of elevation.  Rob, of PR Fitness, maps out some great courses for their Saturday morning runs.  This weeks course was my favorite course to date.  Lots of gradual climbs, down hills, flat terrain, everything in one great 10 mile out and back course.  I knew going into this run, that I wanted to push the pace.  My Garmin was not working properly which was probably a good thing.  I wasn't able to look at my pace, just run by feeling.  I was hoping to finish the route with an average sub-8 minute miles.  We actually finished with an average pace of 8:02.  So close to sub-8's.  This was our fastest 20 mile training run to date. 

I felt great after the run too.  A little soreness, but nothing that didn't subside with some stretching and compression gear.  That is what really made me feel as if I may be ready for Boston.  If I can run 20.10 miles at an 8:02 pace and feel good enough to run the next day (I didn't run, but wanted to), then maybe I am ready to tackle the hills of Boston. 

I've got less than a month to go and intend to just keep most of my running easy.  I have the Rock CF Half Marathon on Sunday where I PR-ed last year.  I originally wanted to PR again this year, but I am not so sure I can.  And I am ok with that.  I'll run hard and whatever happens, happens. 


  1. Bad winter aside, I can't imagine anyone more ready to rock this then you girl!!!

  2. You are too kind. Thanks Jen!! :-)