Thursday, July 22, 2010


I experienced my first two-a-day.

Yesterday I woke up bright and early before work to head out for a 4.3 mile run. I had a decent pace of 8:05 per mile and felt pretty darn good, especially after being very sick for 2 days. After work it was hot and humid so I went to the gym to run the treadmill. I had planned to run a minimum of 4 miles, max of 6 miles. I made it 5 miles and it was tough! I averaged a 9:00 per mile pace, which is definitely on the slow end for me. I wasn't feeling all that well when I left the gym. I was hot, dripping with sweat and sick to my stomach. I made sure to grab a bottle of G2 as soon as I walked in the door. I thought about the run and what might have gone wrong and I determined it was a combination of errors on my part.

Error 1. I didn't eat enough through out the day. Salad and fruit doesn't cut it! I should know better.
Error 2. I believe I should have waited a couple more days to do this since I had just gotten over being very sick. I was so sick on Monday & Tuesday that I lost 6lbs, so doing my first two-a-day on Wednesday wasn't the smartest move.

Overall, I have to consider it a success regardless of how I felt during and after. It's a success since I have never done a two-a-day and no matter how hard it was, I made it through!

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  1. I like two-a-days! Not often, but it's a nice way to squeeze in more.