Sunday, July 11, 2010

Completed: Week 5 of Chicago Marathon Training

I can't believe the Chicago Marathon is only 13 weeks away! As some many may think that is a long time, I do not. I've had a rough couple weeks with slower paces then I was expecting and the heat really getting to me. These rough times make me question myself whether or not I will actually be able to reach my goal. I've never missed a goal I've set for myself when it comes to running and I'd really like to not start now! My head has been messing with me a lot lately. When I feel tired or have dead legs, I start to tell myself that I'll never run this marathon in 3:40 or less - that I just don't have the strength. I must get a handle on the mental aspect of my training or this could ruin what I have set out to do.

I think I may need to add track work to my short scheduled runs too. I HAVE to get my pace up on my longer distance training runs, even in this heat & humidity.

I need to get out of this funk I am in.

Here is how this weeks training went.

Monday Scheduled: 3 mile run
Monday Actual: 3.36 mile run w/ my brother in-law; 27:56 8:22 pace

Tuesday Scheduled: 6 mile run
Tuesday Actual: Rest Day

Wednesday Scheduled: 3 mile run
Wednesday Actual: 7 mile run on the treadmill; 1 @ 8:41 pace, 1 @ 8:20 pace, 1 @ 8:13 pace, 1 @ 8:00 pace, 1 @ 7:47 pace, 1 @ 8:13 pace, 1 @ 8:41 pace, push ups 1 x 20

Thursday Scheduled: Rest
Thursday Actual: 6.09 mile run on treadmill; 1 @ 8:41 pace, 1 @ 8:34 pace, 1 @ 8:27 pace, 1.09 @ 8:20 pace, 1 @ 8:27 pace, 1 @ 8:34 pace, leg lifts 4 x 15, push ups 2 x 15

Friday Scheduled: 6 mile pace run
Friday Actual: 2 mile run on treadmill @ 8:34 pace (sore legs), upper body lifting; biceps, triceps, shoulders

Saturday Scheduled: 12 mile run
Saturday Actual: 11.92 mile run; 1:38:49 8:17 pace

Sunday Scheduled: cross train
Sunday Actual: 30 minutes stationary bike, upper body lifting; chest & back, core work, legs (squats, lunges, wall sits)

Scheduled Mileage: 30 miles
Actual Mileage: 30.35 miles
Weight: 123lbs


  1. Great job on the Chicago training! I'm in the same boat with slower times - I'm hoping it's just because of the heat!

  2. The heat is totally messing with me also. Not only does it make my outdoor runs slow, but it has shaken my confidence to the point where even my treadmill runs are slow.

    I hope your new shoes help you get out of your funk! I was supposed to get some this weekend, but did not end up having time.

    - Brit