Friday, July 9, 2010

Completed: Week 4 of Chicago Marathon Training

After being on vacation, I am finally getting around to updating my blog. I was able to stick with my training through out my time at the lake. I ran in some very hot & humid weather and experienced my first "duck into the woods" on a long run. Overall, I am pleased how the week went. My pace wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, but I am not going to dwell on it.

Here is how my training went.

Monday Scheduled: 3 mile run
Monday Actual: 20 minutes stationary bike, 25 minutes elliptical intervals, upper body lifting

Tuesday Scheduled: 6 mile run
Tuesday Actual: 6.18 mile run; 48:36 7:52 pace, push ups 3 x 10

Wednesday Scheduled: 3 mile run
Wednesday Actual: 6.09 mile run; 47:48 7:51 pace

Thursday Scheduled: Rest
Thursday Actual: 5.42 mile run w/ speed intervals with dad; 41:48 7:43 pace

Friday Scheduled: 6 mile pace run
Friday Actual: upper body work w/ resistance bands, push ups, core work

Saturday Scheduled: 11 mile run
Saturday Actual: 11.30 mile run; 1:36:34 8:33 pace (stomach issues!!)

Sunday Scheduled: cross train
Sunday Actual: 5.49 mile run w/ my brother in-law; 44:39 8:08 pace

Scheduled Mileage: 29 miles
Actual Mileage: 34.48 miles
Weight: did not weigh in


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