Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to handle set backs?

How do I handle a couple set backs?

This week I am already missing 2 (and may be more if I do not get better soon) of my runs due to being sick. Next week I travel for work and will spend 4 days in North Carolina. I plan to bring my running gear and will contact the local YMCA to see if I can use their facility.

At least I know I will not miss my long runs. I have 14 miles scheduled for this weekend and 15 miles for the following weekend. I also need to get in an additional 24 miles each week (4,7,4,7). Should I consolidate the daily runs so I can meet my required mileage? Or if I miss one, do I just pick up where I left off?

I wasn't worried about my business trip next week, I knew it would mess with my training. It's this food poisoning that I have that is really making me stress. 2 weeks back to back with things that will interfere with training.


  1. Sorry you're having a rough patch! They can really mess with your confidence, but don't let it.

    Since it's only 2 weeks, you'd be fine to pick up where you left off. If you want to consolidate, that doesn't sound like an overtaxing amount to combine (provided your feeling healthy again). Don't stress too much, you already have a strong base to work from.

  2. These minor setbacks won't put a dent in your running. You are a strong runner. Plus, you are not missing your long run, which is the most critical training run of the week, IMO, for marathon training.

  3. Thank you! I hope you both are right.

  4. Don't forget to contact me! I can take you on some nice outdoors running routes. Send me an email at brannyboilsover@gmail.com to figure out logistics of where you are staying, etc.