Thursday, July 22, 2010

Getting to know me!

This was passed on to me from Brit

1) What was on your To-Do list today:

•Go to work.

◦Go shopping at Target! I am a freak for Target. I shop there at least once a week. This weeks list consists of q-tips, new shoes (flats, to be specific), shampoo and travel items for a business trip.

◦Go for a run. I plan to do my dads ladder work out on the treadmill as well as a 1 mile warm up and 2 mile cool down.

•Figure out what I want for dinner! Chris offered to take me out, but I am not so sure I will want to after my run tonight.

◦do laundry. I have to wash my running clothes.

2) 5 Snacks you enjoy:

◦Apples with peanut butter
◦fresh fruit
◦ice cream :0)

3) 5 Places you have lived:

◦I've only lived in Michigan...and no where fun and well known either. Unless you consider the metro Detroit area "fun" and "well known".

4) What were you doing 5 years ago:

◦remodeling our first house/current home! we purchased the home in May of 2005, but did not officially move in until early August. We did all the work on it first.

◦5 years go, this coming weekend would be my wedding shower!

◦I would not only be remodeling a home, but also be tying up the last bit of plans for our wedding.

◦Move somewhere where Chris could surf every day, probably the Central Coast of California.

5) 5 things you would do if you were a Billionaire:

◦Pay off my parents & Chris's parents homes/cars/bills and make sure they had everything they neeeded to live comfortably and give them a vacation home to the destination of their choice.

◦Pay off our siblings bills and make sure they had what they needed to live comfortably.

◦I'd donate to charities for children less fortunate as well as children that come from abusive homes.

◦I would travel to various tropical or warm weather destinations. I'd also like to travel to Poland (Chris is 100% Polish so I'd love for him to see his native country), Italy, England, Germany.

◦I would send my husband on a hunting trip to Africa. He is an avid hunter (deer & turkey) and he's said that is one thing he'd love to be able to do. I'd go with him. :0) Just to see Africa, not to hunt.

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