Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 16 Complete

Week 16 is complete and into week 17. I can't believe that the marathon is in less than 2 weeks!

I ran an awesome 12+ miles on Saturday in Illinois. The prairie path was such a nice place to run. I wish I had something like that near my home. I couldn't cross train on Sunday due to prior plans, but was able to get into the gym on Monday for 45 minutes of cross training on the AMT. The rest of my training goes as follows:

Tuesday: 4 miles, weights for shoulders
Wednesday: 6 miles, push ups, core work
Thursday: 3 miles, weights for back
Friday: 15 min. bike warm up, weights for biceps & triceps, core work
Saturday: 8 mile run
Sunday: cross train

1 comment:

  1. Thats a great week after a heavy 41 miles last week, you hit the ground running (pun totally intended).