Sunday, October 11, 2009

1 week from today!

One week from today and I will be running my first marathon. I really can't believe I have made it and actually feel ready for this! I have a few more shorter runs to do that week and then its 2 days of resting along with expo fun and card loading.

The next weeks schedule looks like this.

Sunday: 8 miles

Monday: 3 miles, weights for back

Tuesday: 3 miles, weights for shoulders

Wednesday: 4 miles, abs

Thursday: 2 miles, biceps & triceps

Friday: rest

Saturday: rest

Sunday: MARATHON DAY!!!!


  1. You are so ready. Make sure you drink plenty of water the whole week and try to sneak in some extra sleep each night, not just the night before. Can't wait to hear about it.

  2. Woohoo! I cant wait to hear all about it. You are going to do great!