Saturday, October 17, 2009

Expo Review

Back from the expo. We did a test run on where we plan to park and found a structure 2 blocks from the start/finish line!! My dad will be picking me up at 5:30am so we should be parked by 6.
I also opted to wear the under armor tights versus my capris. It's going to be 32 and I am worried about my calf muscles being cold & tight. I hope I am making the right decision.
I met Hal Higdon. He had a booth selling and signing his new book. I told him I used his training for my half marathons and my marathon. Sadly, he wasn't all that friendly. :-( I took a couple pictures of him but was scared to ask him to pose for a picture with me.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from my camera phone. The rest are on my dads digital. Chris has our cameras at our property and won't be home until late tonight. The only disappointment I have about the expo is that Whole Foods was not there passing out all the free samples like last year. lol

2009 Detroit Free Press Marathon Women's shirt

The stuff I got at the expo; marathon shirt, s/s new balance 26.2 shirt, 26.2 sticker, camelback water bottle, myoplex protein shake, brown rice, Adidas head band, Gu chomps, KT Tape, Udderly Smooth sample, granola and Marathon Mission group flashing light.


  1. The shirts are so cute!

    What a bummer that Hal wasn't friendly :( I wonder if he was just worn out. Which level of his training did you follow? I was trying Intermediate I before I got a stress fracture. I think next year I will go down to Beginner or maybe try FIRST.