Thursday, October 22, 2009

I am at a loss...

It is 4 days after running my first marathon and I am already lost. I am so used to having my training consume the last 18 weeks of my life. I know I need to recover and not jump back into running. But man, it's a big adjustment!

I am already looking into races for November and December. I found two; 5K on November 21st and 10K on Novmeber 26th. My goal for the 5K is to beat my previous PR (23:11) and hopefully win my age group. As for the 10K, I just want to PR. It's the Detroit Turkey Trot and thousands sign up. It would be impossible for me to even place in my age group.

I went to the gym last night. I biked for 30 minutes and lifted for biceps & triceps. Tonight I am going to give it a shot at running. Of course, it will be a very slow and easy 2-3 miles. I need to make sure I recover fully without pushing myself too hard, too fast.

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  1. I am always eager to have a full racing calendar too, it keeps me going! I think the 5K and 10K are good goals for the short term. It will give your body time to heal, but give you something to look forward to! :)