Monday, October 26, 2009

Post Marathon: Week 1 complete

It has been one week since the marathon and feel that I am recovering nicely. :0)

Monday & Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 30 minutes stationary bike, weights for biceps & triceps
Thursday: easy 2.5 mile run
Friday: rest
Saturday: easy 3 mile run, weights for back, shoulders, chest, ab work
Sunday: 10 minute bike warm up, weights for biceps & triceps

Tonight will be the first time I have run outside since the marathon. I have mapped out a 5.5 mile route which I intend to do at a moderate pace. I have the following tentative work out schedule for the remainder of the week;

Tuesday: 4 mile run
Wednesday: 10 minute bike warm up, weights; biceps, triceps, back & shoulders
Thursday: 5-6 mile run
Friday: rest
Saturday: 7-8 mile run
Sunday: rest

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