Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Taper Time!

And so it begins. 

Although I am only 2 days into my 3 week taper, I am already freaking out!  The thought of reducing my mileage is driving me crazy.  I loved tackling long runs and having high mileage weeks.  I know rest will do me good, but it's a hard adjustment.  Do you have an idea how badly I want to run this evening?  I already ran 5.33 miles today (I had 5 on my schedule) so I don't think I should do a two-a-day.  Especially since the taper is time for my muscles to repair and my body to store all it can for me to have a great (optimistic here!) marathon experience.

Next week will be the hardest.  I am only scheduled to run a total of 24 miles.  24 MILES!!  I ran 23 miles for my long run last week!!  Only 1 mile less than what I am supposed to do in a week. 

I need to keep telling myself to stick to the taper schedule.  More rest is better than over training myself. 

I still need to update with last weeks schedule/actual work outs and running but my log is at home.  I'll save that for tomorrow.


  1. Oh, did you want to borrow my Taperworm for a couple of weeks? I won't need him until this fall!

    Hang in there...taper madness is totally normal. You've done the work, the hay is in the barn, yada yada yada...lower miles is what your body needs to get ready for race day!

  2. Taper madness! I hate it but it is normal. Perhaps do some light yoga or cycling to keep your mind busy. Enjoy the rest because you are saving the energy for race day!