Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CICK Review

If you recall, I recently received a sample of CLICK protein mix. 

I decided to save it and use it as my recovery drink after my 12 mile run on Saturday.  I had received a packet of the vanilla latte mix.  Oh goodness, if you love coffee or those expensive iced coffee drinks, you will love this stuff!  I blender mine with a little ice and a dash of skim milk. It reminded me so much of a Starbucks Frappaccino.  And I LOVE coffee after a long run or hard work out!

Not only does it taste delicious, but with only 120 calories, 1.5 grams of fat and 15 grams of protein, it's the perfect recovery drink!  I am going to order a packet of the mocha to compare with the vanilla latte.  Once I determine which I like best, I fully intend on ordering a canister.


  1. I love coffee after every workout. I'm trying to cut back on the sugar and creamer(trying!)

  2. Me too!! The past couple days I have been forcing myself to drink black coffee. it's hard!!

  3. Steph - I'm not picking up my packet. My running buddy is getting it for me. I'm not staying in Traverse City. I'll be at my cottage in Gaylord and we will drive from there Saturday morning. I'll look for you too! I'm sure we will be there early. See you in 10 days!

  4. 15 grams of protein is awesome ... plus if it tastes good, that's a bonus!