Thursday, May 12, 2011

Completed: Week 15 of Marathon Training

Ah, less than 3 weeks and I will be running my 3rd marathon.  Am I ready?  I hope so!!

I have to say this week was a success. I ran my longest training run to date and topped out just over 50 miles for the week!

Monday scheduled: 5 mile run
Monday actual: Rest - sore quads from the previous days trail half

Tuesday scheduled: 8 mile run
Tuesday actual: 6..5 mile run 55:42 8:34 pace, core work, push ups 4 x 15, foam roll

Wednesday scheduled: 5 mile run
Wednesday actual: two-a-day!  AM Run: 6 miles 49:03 8:10 pace, PM Run: 5.41 miles 41:09 7:37 pace total 11.41 miles, push ups 3 x 15, foam roll

Thursday scheduled: rest day
Thursday actual: 9.15 miles 1:12:43 7:57 pace, push ups 5 x 10, foam roll

Friday scheduled: 5 mile run
Friday actual: unplanned rest day

Saturday scheduled: 20 mile run
Saturday actual: 23.05 mile run!  2:59:52 8:33 pace with Dad, 2 mile run w/ dad and my dad's 80 year old uncle!! 

Sunday scheduled: cross train
Sunday actual: Yoga Works Slim, 10lbs Slim Abs, decline bench sit ups 3 x 25, push ups 4 x 15

Schedule Total Mileage: 43 miles
Actual Total Mileage: 50.11 miles
Weight: ? - didn't weigh in

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  1. Great week girly! Cant wait to hear how you do in your marathon! I am starting to get organized for my training to start. I want to change a few things about my diet and routine before I start so my body doesnt go into too much of a shock at once. Good luck girly!