Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Red Eye Relay!

It's confirmed. We are signed up for the Red Eye Relay.  I am super excited as this is the first relay I have ever done.  Plus I think we have a fantastic team.  One just happens to be a sub-3 hour marathoner!!

Go here to check out the official Red Eye Relay site.

The RER takes place July 23-24 in Bloomington, IN.  There is a minimum of 2 person teams and a maximum of 7 people per team.  We originally planned on having a 5 person relay team, but one person backed out.  We've decided to stick with a 4 person team.  Myself and teammate Jason will be running a total of 25 miles each.  Dan will be running a total of 31 miles and Jaclyn will be running a total of 19 miles. 

We have a ton of race day logistics to work out still.  We will be able to review this memorial weekend since we all happen to be running in Traverse City that weekend!  Myself, Dan and Jason are running the marathon and Jaclyn is running the half marathon. 

If any one has ever participated in a 100 mile relay event, I would love to hear your advice on what to bring, what to do, what not to do, etc...


  1. Awesome! Maybe I will come cheer for you, that is right in my neck of the woods. Good luck!

  2. This sounds really fun! I would love to do something like that!

  3. I just started a blog tracking my training for the RER. It's my first as well! You can follow and compare as well @

    Good luck!