Monday, April 4, 2011

Martian Half Marathon Race Results

First let me start by giving a HUGE shout out to Morgan of cautionredheadrunning for organizing the blogger meet up and putting together an awesome swag bag!  You rock!  Even with injury you still came to support us while rocking your fabulous be-dazzled crutches.  Thanks again! 

I think they should change the name to Martian Half Marathon + .30 miles.  The course was officially longer, so all those who thought their Garmins were wrong, they were not.  The race directors posted the results for 13.40 so I ended up meeting my goal and running a sub 1:40 half.  Yay! 

Guess I should start the beginning. 

I arrived early so I could park and meet Morgan and the rest of the bloggers at the meeting spot by 7:45am.  I parked about a half mile from the start and ran to the meeting spot.  It was a chilly morning but I could not complain.  They originally called for rain/snow.  Instead it was about 32 degrees and dry!   Anyway, it was very easy to spot Morgan.  Not only did she have a sign but she had some pretty crutches and balloons.  What a rock star she is.  Injury and all, she still came out to support us and even put together a fun swag bag that included a bondi band and Arctic ease!  Sweetness!! 

I also got to meet and chat with Jessie of Live~Love~Run, Nicole of runnernic, Jen of solitudestew and many others whom I am forgetting.  (I will add them to this post as I remember so you can check out all of these fabulous blogs) I made a run back to the car to drop off my stuff and get ready for the race.  With the run to and from my car I was able to get in about a mile warm up.  I could have used more as I was pretty darn cold.

I was pretty much on my own from the start so I ended up popping in my ear buds and listening to music.  At the 8 mile mark is where I noticed that my Garmin read 8.40 miles.  I thought to myself "dang, I must be all over the place today".  At mile 12 I took out my ear buds so I could hear the spectators at the finish shoot.  When I crossed the finish line the time was 1:40:10. Not bad.  I wanted to break a 1:40 half but was satisfied with this time. 

I received my medal, I saw a friend from the Y.  He asked how I did and pointed out that the course was long.  So it wasn't just me!  As I spoke with more runners, everyone had 13.40.  I really had broke 1:40 like I set out to do.

As I was standing around by the finish line watching more finishers come in, I got to see Steph of Steph's 50 marathon challenge finish the marathon.  What a crazy marathoner and strong runner this woman is!  We chatted for a bit and I learned she had to run a few extra miles too.  So we ran them together.  I must admit, this is one of the highlights of my day!  I have been following her blog and her marathon journey for a while now so having the opportunity to run with her was so exciting!  I am sure she felt like she was on an interview.  I asked about her training, what she eats, how she balances training & work, when she started running, etc...  Sorry about that Steph!! 

I ended up hanging around the finish area with Steph waiting for her mom to finish.  We also discovered that we both had placed.  She, being 1st in her age group for the marathon and me being 5th in my age group for the half marathon. 

We snagged these cool martini glasses.

All in all, it was a successful event!  I got to meet some wonderful ladies from the blogging community, saw a friend from high school run his first half and chatted with the infamous Steph!  It was a good day.

Official Results:
Time:  1:40:10 - 13.40 miles
Pace:  7:29 pace
AG Place: 5th/189
Overall: 171/1836

And here are a couple photos from the day. 

Jessie & I before the race (She looks great, I look sleepy). 

"borrowed" from a web site ;-)  heading towards the finish line


  1. I enjoyed chatting with you pre-race! Im so glad to know that you live so close! We should hook up for a long run sometime... Your race time is awesome, way to go girly! Tim and I jogged back to the hotel before the race and I am so thankful we did. When I started the race my legs were nice and warmed up! My only regret about the race was not taking my own water on the course. I see you took yours and for further races I will be taking my own even if its just enough to wet my mouth. My lips are so dry from my mouth being so dry and constantly licking my lips! Plus I didnt know when to gu cause I had no clue when the next water station was! O'well first half = a learning experience! AGAIN GREAT JOB!!!!

  2. I didn't know about the AG!!! Congrats girl!!! It was so great meeting you and I was excited I spotted you as you turned to the Finish. Looking forward to meeting up again at a race soon!

  3. You are starting off the year with amazing times!!! Way to go girl!

  4. Great report. Jeez, all these people you met from the blogs, I wish I would have gone to this one too. Great time as always!

  5. Congrats on another great race! Neat prize. I love when they give utilitarian awards.

    Well, at least everyone ran an extra .3. I unknowingly made my last half the much longer but weaving through the crowds and not running the tangents closely enough.