Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Marathon Madness

I got absolutely nothing accomplished at work yesterday.  All day I read news feeds from Boston, stalked the ones I knew running on the athlete tracker, checked facebook status, etc...  I even shed a tear or two of happiness.  What an exciting day and a great motivator!  Yesterday's events certainly has me even more fired up to train hard over these next 6 weeks so I can reach my ultimate goal; to qualify for Boston!


The 2nd place female finisher, Desiree Davila, lives about 40 minutes from my city and trains with Hanson's running group.  I knew she would be running Boston, but had no idea how well she would finish. Way to represent Michigan Desiree!

As for the men, well, I am speechless.  It seems un-human like to be able to run that fast for 26.2 miles!  So incredible and fascinating to watch.


Check out these fabulous bloggers who ran the Boston Marathon!

Stephanie, who ran her 50th state yesterday and 59th marathon.
Christine, first time Boston marathoner and I am 100% positive it won't be her last.
Sarah, ran the Gansett marathon Saturday and Boston on Monday.
Jim, running 50 marathons after turning 40 years old.
Cate, who ran her first Boston 20 weeks pregnant.


  1. the mystique of Boston is truly amazing!

  2. Im with you I got nothing done in the AM! My husband and I were talking about how fast these people run and how effortless it looks. CRAZY!