Friday, April 1, 2011

Martian Races and Mother Nature

Tomorrow is the Martian Invasion of Races and blogger meet up!  I am very excited to finally meet some of these fabulous bloggers that I follow.  Not only are we meeting prior the the race, but we are having brunch/lunch afterwards.  I have to make sure I remember to pack my camera!

I am also hoping that Mother Nature is playing a very cruel joke on us and that it will actually be 50 degrees and sunny tomorrow morning.  As of now, the weather channel is saying 36 degrees and snow.  really?  It's April!  I am so ready to retire my running tights, gloves and other cold weather gear until next winter. 

I also decided how to get my additional mileage in.  Being that it will be a balmy 36 degrees (weather says "feels like 31"), I will run a 2 mile warm up prior to the race and 2 miles cool down after the race. 


  1. This weather is such a joke. Boo!!!

    Can't wait to meet you tomorrow!!!

  2. Mother Nature Has Nothing On Us!!!

    Wishing You A Great Race....See You Tomorrow :)

  3. Good luck! I'm praying for nice weather for you! Kill it!

  4. Good luck! It's a beautiful course but I hope it's not as 'wintery' as they predict!

  5. I like the warm up/cool down for 2 miles each plan as a way of getting that mileage you are wanting... good thinking :)
    Have fun meeting up with the others... and have a great run!