Monday, March 21, 2011

Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon Results

What an awesome event.  I must say, for being a first time race, it was one of the most organized races I have participated in. I am so impressed on how this came together.  And all for a great cause. 

I was up early Sunday (5:30am), ate breakfast and was out the door by 10 after 6.  I had to meet my dad and head over to the island.  No need to take 2 cars.  We ended up parking fairly close to the high school where the race start and finish was.  They had the school open so we could hang inside and stay warm before the race.  I was able to meet to fellow bloggers before the race too!
Jeff/Detroit Runner and Rose/Hacker Half Marathon  Jeff had his camera and made sure to get a picture of us 3 together.

My dad and I had plans on running the entire race together.  I really wanted to break 1:40.  I've been trying to break a 1:40 half since June 2010.  I wasn't so sure today would be my day, but we were going to push for it anyway.  We both run this course quite a bit so we are very familiar with the road conditions and where the wind will strike.  Mother Nature was on our side.  Usually once you make the turn from West River to East River, the wind hits regardless of the weather.  Not this day.  It was very calm.  Perfect conditions, although I would have liked the temps to be a bit warmer. 

I felt great the entire race.  My left hip bothered me a bit but I ignored it and eventually I didn't even feel any discomfort.  When we hit the 11 mile mark, my dad told he was going to maintain his current pace and if I had any gas in the tank to go.  I responded with "I am not leaving you".  but that didn't last long.  I was a few strides ahead of him.  I felt bad going ahead of his since he had just paced me for 11 miles!  How can I leave him?  I pushed on and tried to pick it up a bit more at the 12 mile mark.  I knew my dad was behind me, but I wasn't sure how far back.  I knew if I turned to look, I would have waited for him so instead I kept on.  I made the turn on to the high school track where the finish line was, heard them announce my number, name and city I live in, kicked up my speed as fast as I could and crossed the finish line at 1:37:31!!  I did it!  I broke 1:40.  A new PR!  My dad cruised in behind me at 1:37:55.  Not only did I crush my goal, I beat my dad.  I NEVER beat my dad in any race before. I know it's only by 24 seconds but being able to do this is a huge accomplishment for me.  My dad is such a strong, fast runner.  Being able to beat him was the proof that I needed to show myself that my hard work is paying off.  It makes me want to push myself even more!

Here are a few photos that I borrowed from a local running web site. 

I really need to buy a new L/S 1/4 zip. I have worn this purple one for both races this year. I love it. It's my favorite cold weather running top. But I also do not want every cold weather running photo to look the same!  I need to learn how to not have monster face when running.  It's scary.

Dad between mile 12 & the finish line

Official Results:
Time: 1:37:31
Pace: 7:27
A/G Place: 3rd / 71
Overall: 90 / 712


  1. Congrats on your new PR! Awesome race!

  2. Way to go out there girl! That is a maja PR!!! You rock!!!

  3. Congrats!! That is an amazing PR!! It was nice meeting you and your dad :) Keep it going.

  4. Congrats on your race Steph. That is so awesome. You and your Dad are unbelievably fast. BQ for sure in May. I really enjoyed the race and glad the wind was not there that day otherwise it would not have been enjoyable. See you in May!

  5. Awesome job on your PR ... great report!

  6. Awesome job Steph! That's a teally fast time.Quite milestone outrunning your dad too. Congrats on the award!

  7. Thank you everyone!! I reall appreciate all your comments. :-)

  8. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Way to smash 1:40!

    Also, I giggled at your comment about the purple shirt. I was thinking that the photo looked familiar!

    Anyway, great job!