Friday, March 4, 2011

~Five Favorites Friday~

This week I am going to base my 5's on shopping! Here are five of my favorite places to shop where I feel I can get great deals.

In no particular order;

#1: Running Warehouse

I love the deals I am able to find on this site. You can't beat free 2 day shipping and free shipping on returns either!

Do I really need to elaborate on this one? I don't think so!

Another store wear I can score some killer deals! I rarely buy anything full price at Dick's. I always use a $10 off $50 or purchase off their clearance racks. Between Dick's and RW, I've never paid more than $20 per pair for my favorite running shorts.

I am a huge fan of Macy's. But again, I rarely buy anything at full price. I always wait until the have a big sale and make sure the coupons (when charging on your Macy's card) I receive in the mail.

I simply love this store. From bedding, to rugs, to drinking glass, to organization, this store is great! And, yet again, the price is right.


  1. Thanks. I'm going to try running warehouse next time I purchase something.

  2. Runningwarehouse is awesome! I've gotten a few pairs of shoes from there, and I'm about to order some Jelly Belly sport beans. Free shipping is the best!