Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Touching Event

I know it's months away, but I am really looking forward to running this race. All proceeds will be donated to Dolores & Harrison Hensley to purchase a wheel chair assessable minivan for Dolores.

Dolores is my aunt. My great aunt to be exact. My dad's aunt and uncle.

Unc (that is what we call him) used to run races almost every weekend, sometimes 2! Not only that, he put on the famous Run Thru Hell in Pinckney, MI which lasted many, many years. That is, until my aunt Dolores had a stroke. Now it's been 2 years since the last Run Thru Hell and it's been over a year since my Unc has ran. This is a man in his late 70's, ran numerous marathons including Boston, etc...

After 2 years of not having this famous race, someone decided to take this on and make it a one time event to help out two of some of the most dedicated people involved in the Michigan running community.

I really, really look forward to this. And I am hoping they have a turn out better then any of the Run Thru Hell races Unc put on!
If you have been a runner in Michigan for the last several years then you
undoubtedly know or have seen Dolores and Harrison Hensley. They put on
the Run Thru Hell Race for many years which was a quality event that
thousand of runners competed in. They would also travel to races every
weekend and even go to mid week races. Dolores would help with
registration and work the finish chute and Harrison would take with him entry
forms from hundreds of races so runners could look through them and take
the forms home. They were very active and important people in the Michigan
running community. This all came to end in November of 2008 when Dolores
suffered a stroke. Now these once active and vibrant people are confined to
their house. They miss seeing all the runners every weekend and we miss
seeing their smiles and all the help they brought to the race.
This race is for them. This is a one time race that will not be held again. The
entire entry fee will go to the purchase of a wheelchair assessable minivan
so Dolores and Harrison can once again go to the races.

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  1. That is awesome! What a great event! I hope they have an amazing turn out!!