Monday, August 9, 2010

Completed; Week 9 of Chicago Marathon Training

This week, I learned that I enjoy getting my training runs in before work. So I started waking up at 5am to run. It's nice having my evenings free or using that extra time for strength training and core work!

Monday Scheduled: 4 mile run
Monday Actual: cross train; 40 minutes elliptical intervals, weights for back

Tuesday Scheduled: 5 mile run
Tuesday Actual: 4.78 mile run 37:07 7:46 pace, P90X Ab Ripper

Wednesday Scheduled: 4 mile run
Wednesday Actual: 6 mile run 49:05 8:10 pace, P90X Shoulders & Arms

Thursday Scheduled: Rest
Thursday Actual: 7 mile run 58:15 8:19 pace, push ups 3 x 20

Friday Scheduled: 7 mile pace run
Friday Actual: Rest

Saturday Scheduled: 11 mile run
Saturday Actual: 12K (7.46 miles) race 56:05 7:31 pace, 3rd out of 15 in age group

Sunday Scheduled: cross train
Sunday Actual: 6.10 mile run 50:35 8:17 pace

Scheduled Mileage: 31 miles
Actual Mileage: 31.34 miles
Weight: ?

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