Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week 1 Day 2 & 3 Chicago marathon training

Quick update on how my training has gone over the past couple days.

I am/was scheduled to run the following days/distances; Tuesday 3 miles, Wednesday 5 miles, Thursday 3 miles, Friday rest, Saturday 5 miles and Sunday 8 miles. We are going to the lake and to the Nascar race this weekend so I had to modify the weeks required runs.

I decided to consolidate 3 of the runs to have one 5 mile run (Tuesday) and one 6 mile run (Wednesday). I am moving the remaining 5 mile run to Friday and my 8 mile run to Saturday.

Anyway, Tuesday I ended up splitting the 5 mile run into two runs. I ran 3 miles @ 8:13 pace on the treamdill, followed by upper body lifting and then finished the work out with 2 miles @ 8:06 pace on the treadmill. I felt strong through the entire work out. I lifted for biceps, triceps, shoulders and back doing various free weight & pulley machine exercises. All and all, a great work out.

Then Wednesday came along. I planned on running 6 miles, mapped a route that ended up being 6.34 miles. I decided that I would be fine without taking my fuel belt even though it was warm out. I had hydrated all through-out the day so I figured I would be fine. Wrong! I made it about 2 miles and realized that I needed my water. I was parched! Not only that, but my legs felt so dead. It took all I had to keep moving. and the sun, oh how I love thee but my body was HOT! I ended up having to stop and walk a few seconds about 4-5 times. I pushed on and ran the entire 6.34 miles and was happy to grab that water bottle off my porch when I finished. What was my outcome? Well, I have proven to myself that I am faster then I give myself credit for. For having such a difficult run, having to stop and walk a few times, having to stop and cross 3 major roads, I still had an 8:03 pace!! So what I thought was a horrible run, showed to be a good one. It helped me realize that I am getting faster. My "easy" runs are at a pace that were once my "hard" runs.

I am taking today as a rest day to pack for our trip. I will run 5 miles tomorrow and 8 miles saturday at the lake. I am looking forward to my first loops around the area. It has quite a few challenging hills and will be nice to run on traffic free roads out of the city!


  1. Good job on your training! You're making progress and YOU can tell!!! Wow woman you are encouraging me to keep working at it. Keep it up!
    L Finch

  2. He who would climb the ladder must begin at the bottom. ....................................................

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