Friday, June 18, 2010

Completed: Week 1 of Chicago Marathon training

1 week down, 17 to go!

Actually, closer to 16 since I seem to be so "on top" of updating my blog. I am starting to wonder if I am even meant to blog. I rarely post any fun pictures, I forget to update and it's just not as pretty looking as most of the others I follow.

Anyway, here is what I was scheduled to run and what my actual work outs were.

Monday Scheduled: 3 mile run
Monday Actual: 30 minute stationary bike, core work (rested my legs since I ran a half marathon the day before)

Tuesday Scheduled: 5 mile run
Tuesday Actual: 5 mile run (3 miles @ 8:13 pace, 2 miles @ 8:06 pace) + upper body lifting; biceps, triceps, shoulders & back

Wednesday Scheduled: 3 mile run
Wednesday Actual: 6.34 mile run 51:00 8:03 pace (hot, humid & miserable), core work

Thursday Scheduled: rest
Thursday Actual: rest day, push ups 4 x 15

Friday Scheduled: 5 mile run
Friday Actual: 6.42 mile run (up at my in-law's lake house. very hilly location) 53:25 8:20 (hot, humid, windy)

Saturday Scheduled: 8 mile run
Saturday Actual: 8 mile run in 2 segments; 4.36 miles w/ Chris 40:32 9:18 pace, 3.64 miles after dropping Chris off at home 29:23 8:06 pace = 8 miles

Sunday Scheduled: Cross Training
Sunday Actual: None, attended the Nascar Race. Unless I can count the walking from the tailgate lot, to the track, climbing up and down a steep flight of stairs multiple times, etc... :0)

Total Mileage: 25.76 miles
Weight: ??

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