Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cork Town 5K Results

Sunday March 11th, I ran an extremely popular 5K race in Detroit; The Cork Town 5K.  This event is held every year just hours before the annual St. Patrick's Day parade.   I believe this years event capped out at over 7600+ runners.  That is a lot of people and a lot of green!  It was a beautiful day for the race.  Warm & Sunny!!  I was a little nervous about this race.  Not because of my time, I wasn't planning to run hard.  But because of the large crowd and the uneven road.  Everything went smoothly.  No one knocked me over, I saw a fellow blogger/runner friend Jen running an amazing post injury race and I stayed well below my goal time of 30 minutes.  That makes me laugh.  Here I was last year trying for a 20 minute 5k and this year I am hoping to just stay under 30 miles. 

Official Results:
Finish Time: 28:33
Pace: 9:13
A/G Place: 176/836
Overall Place: 2,500/7,654

Donna, Jeff & I prior to the race (we decided to sport the Tigers gear)

Donna & I running a couple warm up miles

Post race with a few of my fellow running friends


  1. I know you probably don't feel like you are, but you are simply the cutest running preggo there is! Love that bump on the otherwise skinny runner body! So bummed we missed each other!!! Congrats on keeping sub-30! :)

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  3. You are awesome! Looks like you had tuns of fun.

  4. You look adorable! I ran Corktown as well. I was desperate to hit sub-26:00, but the crowd and running on the bricks made that so much harder than I expected. It was a fun race though!