Friday, March 23, 2012

Baby's got another race

Or should I call it a run?  I am technically not racing. 

Anyway, this Sunday is the 2nd running of the Rock CF Half Marathon.  This also happens to be the same course that I hold my current half PR (1:37:31).  I will be lucky if I can complete the half in 2 hours.  My, how things have changed in a year.  I am really looking forward to this event.  There will be so many people that I know from the running community running this race.  And I get to add another race to the baby's list!

Unfortunately, Chris will not be running. After taking 7 weeks off due to a bone contusion, he just started running again last week.  I was hoping he would be healed enough to at least keep my company on the course, but he's making the right decision to not run it at all.  He'll get a shirt out of the deal and the money goes to a good cause!

As I mentioned, I get to add another race to the baby's list.  So far she has participated in a trail ultra, a marathon, a 10K, 2-4 mile races, a 5K and now a half marathon.  This will probably be her last race before she arrives.  That is, until I get the OK from the pediatrician to start running her in the jogging stroller, then she will be back at it. 


  1. I absolutely love that you're keeping a list of the baby's races and that you fully intend to take her with you when you get the all clear. My husband thinks I'm joking when I tell him I WILL continue running when we get pregnant. I plan to wear a different t-shirt to each race that says, "Baby's First (race type here)," so long as the doctor says it's ok.

  2. Awesome - I look forward to seeing you again this year. It's such a great race :)

  3. Hi there! I was the Katie who came up and said hello at the race today. Awesome job on the run, and it was nice to see you!

    1. Hi!! Thanks for stopping me. So nice meeting you too!!

  4. Do you have to have special clearance to run during the pregnancy or do they allow most healthy pregnant women to? By they I mean the ob doctors. How far along are you while completing the half marathon? Congrats!!