Monday, March 19, 2012

As I suspected...

Thank you for your email and congratulations on the arrival of your little one.

As of our 2011 Boston Marathon registration the BAA no longer offers deferments for any reason.

Each year, many entrants of the Boston Marathon become unable to participate on race day for various and valid reasons. Due to the high demand for participation in our race, the BAA realized that we could no longer reserve spaces in future events for those who became unable to run. For the past two years, therefore, we have asked registrants to acknowledge their understanding of the no-deferment policy as part of our registration process, which we see you have done.

If you would like a friend to pick up your race packet you simply need to sign your number pick up card, enter your friends name and then have them visit us at the solution center of the runners expo with their photo ID.

We wish you good health and the best of luck in your future running endeavors.


BAA Registration Office
One Ash Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748
Please reply to for further questions or comments.


I hope my dad is ready to help me go sub-3:30 once I bounce back from having this baby!  I may not be running Boston this year, but I will get to Bean Town! 


  1. It was definitely worth a shot! At least someone can get your packet and shirt for you!!!! Ugh, it's still no fun though. You WILL get back there girl, of that I have no doubt!!!

    1. Thanks!! I am going to try my hardest to BQ again! And I may even try to go sub-3:28 (my previous BQ time).

  2. Damn, that sucks! AS a matter of fact it's discriminatory against women! Just for that, I'm boycotting Boston until they change their deferment process! Power to the People!

    1. LOL! I am boycotting too! well, until I re-qualify again. :-)

    2. Me too. I'll boycott at least until my late 50's when I can qualify. I'm pretty sure a baby is a decent reason for deferment. :)